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We and world are in together
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Shanghai Pacific Ocean makes pump limited company headquarters is located in to contain the international of infinite business chance is metropolitan —— Shanghai. Lin Song of Pacific Ocean president speaks of surely because consider Shanghai,saying when problem of optional location of line of business of Pacific Ocean pump at the outset is countrywide economy, finance, commerce and shipping center, his advantage is in home is peerless, its economic actual strength also is unapproachable in inside city, shanghai already with world economy be in harmony for an organic whole. So headquarters is in Shanghai to take geographical advantage to company the following development.
Guide in what Lin Song decides below, in recent years Pacific Ocean makes pump swift and violent development, the company has stuff 300 more than person, in personnel of advanced and professional technology more than 30. Have advanced production to detect equipment is covered many times 300, professional technology elite gathers to develop ceaselessly on the foundation that precedes in hardware, use new technology, new technology. Use international to the development of new product the design of Gao Shuiping CAD of most advanced domain, the quality that assures Pacific Ocean water pump thereby, breed, benefit is banner all the time. First Pacific Ocean makes pump product variety nowadays various, norms is all ready, it is association of Chinese pump trade and couplet of countrywide water pump sell system the member company of two large organizations and in oil and in petrifaction goods and materials supplies network member unit, obtained bureau of Shanghai fire control to issue fire control license. Quality of mechanical and electrical products of product classics Shanghai detects the center detects, requirement of up to mark, the company already passed ISO9001:2000 international quality certification system, have the honor to win award of new product of city of country, province, quality to be believed so that pass a company for many times.
But forest always do not have because of this have nothing worry about. Seek a variety of development way actively however. “ wine is sweet do not be afraid of alley child the times of deep ” had gone, what we face is more acid test. How to go popularizing oneself brand, let more and more people understand Pacific Ocean to make pump, just be the first goal that Pacific Ocean develops. The conduct propaganda of the enterprise has a lot of kinds of kind for instance conference of advertisement of network advertisement, books and periodicals, industry, but relative to character, I have hope quite to the development foreground of the network, I believe to be in 10 years, after 20 years today, electronic business affairs is the complement of traditional sale mode not just, and should be brunt, the website of business affairs sex that so we invited net of Chinese pump valve to make major for us (Http:// , this website seem the portal on our net, understand us to let more people, we made corresponding promotion to the website, although we are returned at present cannot very accurate will calculate with the number the profit that the network brings us, but I believe to carry that piece of aeriform network, our product already each corner that dissolve enters the world.
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