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Mention fine energy group, in valve bound it may be said unmanned not dawn, fine fine depends on excellent product quality and good reputation, widespread recognition is won inside course of study. But fine fine valve can have today's brilliant, we cannot forget president of group of energy of fine of —— of a person more than winner.
Very may much person still does not understand, more than winner besides having president of fine energy group and the honor of the late blue president that make pump, he or Zhejiang Dong Tai invest limited company trustee, zhejiang is saved always delegate of fine county National People's Congress, hold Chinese valve association part-time standing director, Zhejiang saves vice-president of seminar of civilian battalion economy, always association of industry of fine pump valve is standing vice-chairman. Ceng Rong obtains home of countrywide town enterprise, Zhejiang to save prominent young person outstanding manager of city of first outstanding poineering entrepreneur of city of model worker of city of civilian battalion entrepreneur, lukewarm state, lukewarm state, Wen Zhou (factory director) , business of trade of classics of Wen Zhou city is fine the manager.
This has the industrialist of a lot of honor, mystery is undoubtedly in our eye, we think more thorough knowledge develops a small mill this into the introducer of enterprise of bibcock of Chinese valve industry, go realizing the way of his development in brilliant backside hardships.
More than winner is born in the family of a farmer of the bank of Ou river, as a child be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears the father as village secretary of a Party or League branch, handling common thing, the sort of willingly bear the burden of hard works, the spirit that is in charge of seriously, this is the earliest on other means of livilihood precious fortune. 1988, after more than winner learns high school to graduate from inside Luo Fu, set foot on poineering initiative road, in a few years when begin, ever had been engaged in dress sale and valve distribute, certain market experience was accumulated in these jobs, laid good foundation for the following poineering development.
1996, more than winner begins to plan market fund, imported equipment, established factory of valve of Ou north special type. In the time with that brand thin consciousness, more than winner takes the lead in 1997, registered the brand name that brand of ” of “ fine fine belongs to him company this, production limited company of valve of fine of fine of Zhejiang of instead of factory of valve of Ou north special type, established Daqing of —— of branch of the first sale to sell a branch in Daqing, begin to make oneself brand and sale network with all one's strength.
All things start is bad, still be in that Wen Zhou product and false and inferior product delimit the time of equal-sign, product sale is more extremely difficult, want to succeed occupational Daqing market, must drive Daqing person produces character to measure mistrustful point of view to Wen Zhou, will make the market with sincere letter, , the newspaper is worn for Wen Zhou the aspiration of the name and courage, more than winner and clerk receive knife and go up. Final, moved with sincerity the other side, the other side promises try out one, product of two fine fine.
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