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To world pump line of business 10 strong sprint
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Line of business of pump of Shanghai triumphant spring (group) limited company had the honor to win “ Shanghai to abide by contract early or late keep good faith a hunderd schools is outstanding enterprise ” and “ Shanghai private enterprise 100 strong the glorious title of the 4th ” . In the meantime, person of text of group president Lin Kai holds the position of Shanghai fine delegate of National People's Congress of city of members of standing committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference that decide an area, lukewarm state and committee member of Shanghai youth union, have the honor to win 10 old outer poineering young people of city of example of shock worker of Shanghai new long march, lukewarm state and Shanghai the glorious title of 10 old prominent young people.
Regard the bibcock enterprise Shanghai of Chinese pump line of business as line of business of triumphant spring pump (group) limited company, predecessor is factory of water pump of Yong Jiaou north, in Lin Kai article guide factory of water pump of Yong Jiaou north was 1994 in enterprise of entire county water pump rank the 3rd; Year sale already was amounted to 10 million. Dan Linkai article has older ambition, greater dream oneself.
The company changed in October 1994 division Shanghai, established group of trade of pump of Shanghai triumphant spring subsequently. Line of business of pump of “ Shanghai triumphant spring (group) the core business that limited company ” is a group, triumphant spring of Shanghai of ” of limited company of engineering of water supply of “ Shanghai triumphant spring, “ is electric Zhejiang of ” of equipment limited company, “ the much home company such as production company ” of line of business of triumphant spring pump is his respectively accuse or the subsidiary of share. In the building sale of water pump product and market cover rate aspect today, triumphant spring company already was resided in the whole nation presiding, the product is applied in project of prevent or control flood of river of International Airport of Chairman Mao memorial hall, capital, Fujian, Zou Cheng steel of oil field of power plant, Jiangsu, saddle is mixed over the project of countrywide major project such as Han steel group and mark sex building.
The personage inside course of study also had a lot of “ to Lin Kai article the address sb respectfully of colourful ” , the people when more calls him ” of “ pump god, below new condition, lin Kai article put forward to realize line of business of “ China pump again gigantic child the development strategy of ” , ensure home of product quality house is top-ranking, achieve international advanced level is a target, it is in order to revitalize industry of ethical pump estate oneself, model brand of a nation with all one's strength, to world pump line of business 10 strong sprint. Him Kevin of forest of no less than says: “ we are 5 years ago, my target is to do Chinese pump line of business gigantic child, after 5 years, my target is do world pump line of business most overmatch. ”Information source: Net of Chinese pump valve releases a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)
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