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The leader in an employee eye
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Walk into plant area of 100 strong valve, see employee people the busy scene of in full swing, I think of a word of Zhang Ruimin of sea Er president suddenly: Creation market has off-season idea only, without off-season market. The competition of valve market is increasingly intense in recent years, a lot of enterprises face predicament of half stop production. There still can be good progress below such circumstance, doing not have two brushes is no good. So we of too impatient to wait want to golden total learn from sb else's experience!
Because do not have a thing to make an appointment first, golden total just in time goes out outside handle affairs, very regretful we did not see him himself, the plum always recieved us, in his description, gold total figure is stereoer and stereoer, we understood the industry leader of a both brave and resourceful from flank!
Product of limited company of 100 strong valve has Chinese · pipeline of a powerful person of power station of high temperature high pressure, brake a powerful person, shut-off valve, ball valve, check valve, butterfly a powerful person, microtherm a powerful person, throttle, oxygen is special the series of 860 kinds of norms such as a powerful person, on product quality gold always asks particularly strict, he thinks product quality is the lifeblood that a company grows for a long time, when quality and interest are afoul, the interest must give quality concession, gold always not only guard a pass strictly on quality, more just is explored, improve product quality further. As a result of gold total “ slashing ” , 100 strong products are inside course of study reputably ceaseless, established long-term cooperation relationship with much home company!
For a better 100 strong products promotion goes out, the company is in the whole nation each are big the city is opened stood to sell network and acting site, the representative basically is in charge of conduct propaganda, sale, service and information feedback. We choose to act as agent to also have certain level, it is to choose to there is the credit, person that has business ability and force in place commonly. Have the assessment of sale every year to them, give a few privilege policy additionally, the effort that passes authority the development situation of each district is very good, especially Shandong Yantai and other places.
Although be in 100 strong valve of domestic are already occupational position, but still be on the international market in exploration, gold always realizes the position that cannot ignore in the network development henceforth, the network can increase the pace that strengthens us to move toward the world greatly as an information platform, so later the company can increase investment in network respect, look for the personnel of electronic business affairs that has experience, can use the advantage profit of the network, establish a perfect sale channel. The plum always says frankly to us here, gold always values a handsome appearance particularly, he hopes every employee can find his logical place, have oneself development space, no matter be administrative layer and employee can make concerted effort, become the company do by force big.
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