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I already proved myself
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Shanghai limited company of group of double tall valve is to produce power station of high temperature high pressure to use a powerful person with a powerful person, petrifaction oil field, light gas to use a powerful person, irrigation works large general brake a powerful person, shut-off valve, check valve, butterfly a powerful person, ball valve, water seals butterfly a powerful person and GB, beautiful mark a powerful person, vacuum a powerful person, , develop pattern to break through former some, double high company is passed buy, annex, recombine wait for means, established an above sea high-energy valve (group) limited company is core, the precision that with Shanghai valve of power station of heavenly body of limited company of valve of high-energy high pressure, Shanghai makes anticorrosive valve of limited company, Shanghai make limited company wait for much home company to join in enterprise, the close cooperation between enterprise and enterprise, will drive Shuang Gaochao to wear outstanding summit summit stride. Because Li Guoxiang also is known as establish Shanghai valve group the first person.
The Mencius says: Friend day will fall to hold the post of Yu Siren greatly also, suffer from its heart annals first surely, fatigue its bones and muscles, hungry its body skin, empty lack its body goes, what its are travel stroke chaos, his mind disturbed so bear a gender, ceng Yi its place cannot. Person constant passes, can change next. Strand at the heart, judge at Lv, make after that. ”
Li Guoxiang the presiding apparitor as double tall valve, this business circles personage that devise clever strategies. Ever had become teacher of take over a class for an absent teacher, had done small business, had become salesman, meet with a rebuff, be discriminated against to be common occurrence, but also accumulated certain wealth really. The most important it is the fortune on spirit, in this poineering process in me very benefit from, also experienced a lot of cross in poineering initial stage, when just doing a business for instance, produce valve of in short supply at that time power station of high temperature high pressure, to understand the knowledge of valve of more power station of high temperature high pressure, often go hither and thither, visit an expert, go to an enterprise go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures is waited a moment, wait for an enterprise to began carry to do, to open product market. Often of countrywide each district run, let a client understand us, accept our product, difficulty cans be imagined, but for the dream all along not dare small talk abandons, when waiting to look again later, always all sorts of feelings well up in his heart in the heart, I want to had not started course of study and the person that had not experienced failure cannot experience all sorts of among them flavor. I want to because of him this kind has a rough time, the spirit of be put into trouble, endure humiliation in order to carry out an important task, so ability invites each difficulty head off a disaster, make today's double high group.
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