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Contend for start domestic famous brand, creat world brand
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Interviewing Chinese · always before president of one valve group Mr Zhao Chunyue, we had browsed part the data about valve of Zhao total He Yongyi, travel together to always be in not only the position inside had abecedarian knowledge, deep also admire is in this pump valve bound of all-powerful get military thing. And when true close quarters is interviewed, feel Zhao Zong has manager imposing manner not only suddenly, still have Confucianism person wind model!
Zhao Chunyue is born in average farmer household, as a result of domestic account nurturance he is hard-working, dare hit the disposition that dare go all out, in he is 18 years old when, depend on the persistent affection to valve, investment purchased 2 old machine tools 40000 yuan, began his poineering journey. Original 1984 “ always ” of factory of valve of form a complete set of fine county boiler more the name is “ Zhejiang always ” of one valve factory. Because he is straight-out, enthusiastic, the factory was won large quantities of client; More study valve technique assiduously as a result of him, be good at exploring management, plant business flourishing.
1988, to Zhao spring Yue Lai says is a turning point on the thought, although look at that time,valve manufacturing industry flourishs one piece picture, but look from long-term interests, company growth rate is apparent rein in, domestic product is coessential change serious, lack characteristic product, additionally international brand is eye covetously more to Chinese market, face ” of such “ domestic trouble and foreign invasion, zhao Chunyue thinks again also cannot blind produces treatment, want to produce the brand product that belongs to oneself however.
On the ” of relief valve of characteristic product “ that he threw a large number of manpower, material resources to be in a factory 1989, relief valve basically is used on the crucial equipment of the project of national major project such as oil field, boiler, the state is very strict to the safe production management of this kind of product, its excellent production technology mixes Dan Zhaochun Yue Ping manufacturing interest, be versed in through national machinery trade department is approved, win the throughout the country the industrial product relief valve that first issueing produces licence. As a result of always the relief valve property that one valve produces is distinctive, the character with high grade and reliable quality, send irremediable in the following development. Relief valve of head office of facility of chemical industry of the AZ mark attestation that always obtained safety of State Bureau of Technical Supervision to register early or late, China orders company of group of natural gas of oil of manufacturing unit, China surely one class supplies fittings of power station of company of power of network member plant, China to supply a series of honor such as network member plant. Nowadays already is China do not have region industry group always one valve is base of our country's biggest relief valve production. And always one newest development develops exceed relief valve of large requirements forerunner (DN600) , it is a breakthrough that innovates in the science and technology on original basis more.
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