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Advantage of competition of poor dissimilation creation visits Wei Xilin bright
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Lin Bingchun Lin Bingchun is agree at bearing hardships, the entrepreneur that dares to innovate. Just contact valve industry to develop total assets to now from 1982 the group company of nearly 200 million, the great change that comes 24 this years, it is the phylogeny of thrive of enterprise of a civilian battalion; It is pains, twist, risk is accompanying Lin Bingchun to struggle difficultly, value of persistent, life goes after do poineering work history. · serves as with quality prop up, gain the market with sincere letter, mix with modest obtain progress, obtain actual effect with deal with concrete matters relating to work. · increases company class, contented home company is high quality to abroad the demand of valve, walk out of an approach that with the country era takes. · discovers his “ window ” , in order to enhance oneself self-confidence, make “ window ” more shining ceaselessly forever, form him place to have distinctive elegant demeanor. Hui Cong net: Drive the course that dimension is fond of and your individual experience?

Lin Bingchun: Open what dimension is fond of group company to grow history, can say be my individual to grow history. Of the enterprise grow urge my individual grow, at the same time of my individual grew to also affect a business grow.

The predecessor of happy event opening dimension should be chased after narrate 1984. The spring breeze that oneself graduate to be worth reform from the school blew ground of Ou Beijing University, below the encouragement that reforms spring breeze, I decide to devote into at pump valve career, established Ou north in those days the first specializations the pressure-relief valve of —— Ou north that produces pressure-relief valve door factory. Be saleable because of the product satisfy the need, accord with market demand, first battle win victory, economic benefits promotes quickly, the primitive accumulation of capital is progressively grow in quantity. After entering 90 age, on the base that has fixed capital actual strength, the enterprise must be promoted in product fixed position and brand there are new consideration and breakthrough on course of study. Careful market research was done in oneself, below the condition that proves repeatedly, the decision is below the premise that withholds pressure-relief valve production, expanded reproduction, resolutely the decision introduces the abroad such as the United States, Israel, Germany first inside the enterprise energy-saving, accuse oneself, the product of high-tech of hydraulic control series of high-tech, the market of valve of series of contented home water, municipal construction, demand that gives catchment the user. As enterprise expanded reproduction, factory of valve of Ou north decompression 94 years change is Yong Jiabiao one valve factory, the “ sign that builds oneself one ” brand. The development that runs a condition as production and enterprise of each respect perfect with construction, the economic benefits of the enterprise and actual strength also have subsequently very big rise and strengthen. Classics of one valve factory declared Yong Jiabiao 2003 approval is rising for Zhejiang mark one valve limited company, began meanwhile mix in beautiful water, cloud, the plan that establishs a company and carry out.
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