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Power outside peaceful of gold of happy water pump: Develop oneself
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Power outside peaceful of gold of happy water pump: Him development answers a newspaper office to meet

Power limited company of electric machinery of happy water pump is located on development yellow river course, plant area beautiful, workshop is bright and capacious. Power happy company is mixed by level of the investment climate with favorable developing zone, excellent service place of tremendous development latent capacity is attracted, be in when after lying between two years, in November 2005 return developing zone, performed “ phoenix the ” that return mew. October 2006, power happy company formal go into operation, the infuse of group of mechanical electron industry that is an our city new vitality.
Power the investor of happy company people be profuse in praise to the meticulous and considerate service of the enterprise to concerned department of developing zone and city. Power general manager of limited company of electric machinery of happy water pump says outside golden peaceful, the enterprise arrives to throw production formally from workshop optional location, got each concern main assistance of the branch, make the enterprise can complete project construction inside the shortest time, round to this Weileji fluctuation is very obliged. On October 24, 2006, president of German power happy group Dr. Aopulande will to island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty undertake making an on-the-spot investigation, gave high opinion to the environment of the developing zone. He says, power construction of happy company factory building is such fast, this kind efficient also see rarely in Europe, management department provided perfect service for the enterprise, be very obliged everything what here does for company place. This year already Dr. Aopulande of 76 years old expresses to say, island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty is the good place of an investment, he has hope very much to the development of the enterprise. He thinks, here air good, environment is beautiful. Want body condition to allow only, he will come to island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty again. Say to the reporter outside Jin Tai, when optional location of initial term eye, city of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty and developing zone take seriously very much, organized delegacy of collaboration of city classics trade technically to go to Korea hurried to talk. In power happy company investigation group will develop zone time, city main leader still interviewed a guest. At that time, there is a leader to be away on official business in Shijiazhuang in city, to meet with enterprise delegate, this leader before dawn sets out from Shijiazhuang hurried back island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty, punctual inside conventional time arrived to interview a place. This let investor be touched. Accordingly, after had inspected a few cities, power happy company still chose island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty. After devoted production, the enterprise experiences developing zone the milk of human kindness deeplier sufficient the service with meticulous in a subtle way. Development concerned department can reach an industry every year regularly survey, listen to the proposal of the enterprise, assist an enterprise to resolve the difficulty that face, this kind of service lets an enterprise feel very close. Go to the lavatory outside Jin Tai. Take the advantage of the opportunity of meeting, they are right canal appoint concerned personnel was carried, did not think of to be in a week, street lamp spoke of a such things to the reporter with respect to all foster cordial relations between countries. Last year November, there is street lamp on the highway before enterprise door, day black early, employee people come off work not quite. The company is right this accident, glad. Very cordial ground says outside Jin Tai, the help that concerns a section to developing zone and city is very obliged, we are considering this paragraph of time all the time, want what to do for place. Yu Zeji of president of Korea power happy company ever had said, to the enterprise, the beauty of the enterprise is not to reflect outer view to go up, reflect however created for employee in this enterprise how old welfare, made how old contribution for local economy. Gold shows outside peaceful, we should do the business big, do strong, sign up for city of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty and developing zone to serve to the care of the enterprise and enthusiasm back and forth.
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