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10 years of hundred years renown look forward to of China of settle of the pump
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10 years of hundred years renown look forward to of China of settle of the pump that grind acute proposes new site To celebrate Ensival - Moret group is in China settle 10 years, the pump that grind acute (Shanghai) limited company was in a few days ago Min Hang industrial district its are new the site of factory holds opening ceremony ceremoniously.
The history that line of business of management pump of two household companies already exceeded Ensival and Moret 100 years: Ensival was built 1905, moret was built 1868. These two enterprises devote oneself to European industry development all the time, their high-powered product and excellent service are driving technical progress from beginning to end.
Ensival and Moret also are developing new field ceaselessly as industrial development, wait like chemical industry, food, mining industry, oil, almost those industries that need difficult pump technology, have the pump that grind acute. These two household companies that have long history have good public praise on the world.
This company is current nearly 500 experienced personnel, joint development is produced and supply pump, got worldwide the acknowledgement inside, year sale achieves 60 million euro.
The pump that grind acute (Shanghai) limited company is from 1996 since Shanghai settle, great progress was obtained in China, its sale is in grew inside 5 years recently decuple. Newly-built workshop dimensions is 3 times original, workshop area achieves 8000 square metre.
Modern new factory building exceeds in what look around to famous expert is designed and use latest technology building by international while, the Ensival of ─ of well-known company ─ that sponsors the person that just demonstrate an activity to let look around through wonderful spot to understand this to have hundred years history - Moret group is this industry inside the longest, also be the most experienced company at the same time.
Regard a total foreign capital as the enterprise, wear acute pump at present (Shanghai) the product of 80% above is in limited company Chinese sale. Profit from designs the originality sex on, the flexibility on the technology, and the series sex of the product, the pump that grind acute (Shanghai) in China corresponding industry gained driving advantage, wait for a domain in food industry, papermaking course of study, steel-making course of study and industrial water treatment especially.
Attend grand meeting France is stationed in Shanghai consul general, place concerns a leader, the Ensival that comes from France - Moret group president Mr DUPREZ and the pump that grind acute (Shanghai) the new old cooperation of limited company partner information source: Release a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)
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