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Harmonious enterprise: Innovation is outstanding each days
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Harmonious enterprise: Innovation is outstanding each days
Social harmony is the substaintial attribute of Chinese characteristic socialism, it is prosperous and strong, nation revitalizes the country, of people happiness important assure. 16 of the party that not long ago holds 6 in plenary meeting, sum up historical experience, stand in new times height, built socialistic harmony society to make comprehensive deploy to compose. Establishing harmonious company is the main component that builds socialistic harmony society.

Development is the basic outlet that solves all problems, also be the fundamental premise that establishs harmonious company and foundation. The development of the enterprise wants base oneself upon not only current, what should be an enterprise more is sustainable grow prepare. Inc. of science and technology of Shandong rich pump handles the relation of business development and industry development, society progress, employee development correctly, establish harmonious company actively, stimulative industry is harmonious, serve construction of socialistic harmony society.

In recent years, index of benefit of economic integration of Inc. of science and technology of Shandong rich pump ranks front row of countrywide pump industry 7 years continuously, the company has the honor to win “ nation emphasis early or late ” of company of new and high technology, “ whole nation defends a contract to weigh machinist of China of credit company ” , “ China of 100 strong ” , “ has competition ability of core of course of study most group of competitive muscularity industry and world trade ” of selected enterprise of 500 strong China, the product is maintained to be “ country to avoid check product ” , brand of ” of card of “ rich hill is maintained to be ” of “ China well-known logo. Company president Sun Longping says, the prime cause that rich pump develops depends on a company innovating with “ outstanding each days of ” is company culture concept, innovate ceaselessly, made a company the core competition ability that with “ new, actor, fast ” is a feature.

Innovation is the fountainhead that enhances company core competition ability

“ soldiers is fugitive situation, water is fugacious form ” . If this profundity affects idea of Sun Longping government, come from " grandchildren strategics " , and Sun Longping is to ask employee wants the change as the environment to innovate ceaselessly to the specific illuminate of this word oneself working way and method.

Rich pump only then built 1929, it is the old company of a be worthy of the name, innovation idea should be the first to be affected. Although centrifugal pump of the IS of rich pump only course had the honor to win the card of the first gold nugget of industry of countrywide water pump 1980, but because do not have those who cast off planned economy thought,manacle, below the new condition of market economy, the management activity of the enterprise and intense market compete for a time extremely incommensurate, caused an enterprise to appear the passive situation of deficit. Be aimed at this circumstance, in July 1998, president Sun Longping is guided new adjusted leading group, analyse a situation seriously, in draw lessons from experience of other company success while, join the real case of this enterprise, creativity ground put forward “ to catch put greatly small, with new generation old, protect inside outside develop, the requirement that catchs the working train of thought that cuts bit of ” and “ to compare a client forever makes the service concept that gets better ” , the impedance force change that makes the worker's thought deals with market place to arise by passivity is the affinity that serves generation actively, company condition transforms quickly. Company and Japan weaked in April 2005 common perilla of former company limited makes place formerly joint-stock establish line of business of pump of pump of common perilla former win limited company, pump of the high-pressured boiler feed pump that main production has world advanced level, large loop, diversion works is used exceed large pump and power plant, steelworks, mine to use special type pump, company with one action realized internationalization.
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