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Si big oily oil pump introduces
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Si big Si of Jiangsu of information of trade of introduction of oily oil pump big limited company of oily oil pump only then built 1969, it is the company of professional key member that the country orders system of spray of fuel of manufacturing diesel engine surely. Already formed at present produce per year T00 of pump of one-cylinder fuel injection 10 thousand, fuel injector 1 million, 3 mating plate 10 million pairs productivity. Product of set of big pump card is had in home market lead about 8 % , produce and sale of 3 mating plate measures atomizer, force plunger, delivery valve to occupy industry of countrywide person of the same trade all the time the 2nd. The ground of success of oily oil pump such as 175 series, 185 series, 195 series, 1105 series and bavin of constant bavin, fierce, river uses dominant product, complete bavin, often move wait for form a complete set of diesel engine of domestic famous brand, partial product sells as far as to the country such as Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Bengal, Vietnam, Australia, welcome by the user.

The company covers an area of 1.27 million square metre, floor area 65 thousand square metre, existing worker 2000 more than person, among them project technology personnel more than 300. Set a product to produce a workshop 7, auxiliary workshop 6, function ministry room 9. Company facilities is excellent, technology is advanced, detect facility is complete, have large quantities of quantities, much breed, high quality scale of production and modern level of management. The company has facilities of of all kinds and current production now more than 500, the product is special manufacturing facilities more than 280, facilities of special type production is covered 48 times, testing instrument, detect equipment more than 100. The company takes new product development seriously, satisfy the use requirement of different type diesel engine. Produce each at present model product more than kinds 80, for 2-28 horsepower each model one-cylinder diesel engine and form a complete set of much crock diesel engine.

The company always takes company base seriously to manage the brand effect of the job and product, built an excellent design, production, sale and quality management team, the growing creation that is big pump brand condition.

On products plan, the development demand of market of mainframe of prep close behind, improve product of traditional diesel engine form a complete set. Use CAD system, optimize a design, strengthen technical management. Absorb international home advanced engineering technology and production of tissue of advanced production level ceaselessly, all products check and accept certificate at obtaining international standard to produce 1989.

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