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Limited company of Electromechanical of Suzhou Shanghai river
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Company of Shanghai river group is by oscillator of Shanghai Shanghai river peace of limited company of Electromechanical of river of Shanghai of factory, Suzhou, Suzhou builds the enterprise such as mechanical limited company to cross a province city is strong combine and become by force. Repose at Shanghai to come Suzhou of —— of Changjiang Delta heaven, shanghai is peaceful freeway 80 kilometers along the line, draw near according to hill water, the scenery is pretty. The way of airport of Shanghai peaceful high speed of free from worry is direct airport of Shanghai rainbow bridge, Pudong airport, shanghai railroad stands. From Shanghai peace, Su Jia Hangzhou the freeway is exported only 5 kilometers, traffic is convenient. | The company is market development, development, production Electromechanical, appearance kind the product always tasties to develop, major is engaged in producing oscillator of each type concrete; Vibrating motor; Construction machinery; Electric machinery of standard of series of Ys of series of Y1, Y2, industrial sewing machine uses clutch electric machinery, of all kinds seam charter flight to use electric machinery, electric machinery tubal account, all sorts of handing in direct current is small special electric machinery. Industrial automation appearance (meter of temperature pressure, flow) the enterprise of civilian battalion high-tech of the Electromechanical unifinication such as equipment of weighing apparatus, communication, have fixed assets 25 million yuan, floor area 20000 square metre, build the ground to accumulate 40000 square metre. | Hold to “ to hold lead dominant position, cater to the management concept of market trend ” , track world banner technology, shanghai river company values the investment of science and technology and talent very, establish Electromechanical appearance institute, introduce equipment of domestic and international advanced test, the technical elite that invites unifinication of opportunity of a batch of market, report, appearance, gas, stronger development designs ability, own equipment of all ready and advanced test, can complete the project of total performance test of dominant product, have perfect quality guarantee system, the attestation of quality management system that passes ISO9001—2000 edition and national 3C are mandatory safe attestation. Have the after service team with an excellent technology, in order to ensure the demand with contented client. | In Shanghai river person indefatigable effort falls, do poineering work through trying hard more than 30 years, shanghai river company gained a success, company of all kinds product spreads all over countrywide each district, sell as far as to southeast Asia and Euramerican and other places, get user reputably, especially ZN35, ZN50, ZN70 inserts type oscillator to obtain project of construction ministry country to recommend a product. Manufacturing industry seams electric machinery of series of charter flight electric machinery, Ys, clutch, aid life of motor-car electric machinery to grow, dependability is good, efficiency is tall, noise is low, the product ever obtained a country to invent gold prize of new product of patent and new technology for many times. | Company purpose is entered in all with the times on “ technology, a trustful ” is used on character | Faculty of Shanghai river company wishs to be achieved in all hand in hand with broad new old client brilliant tomorrow! Information source: Release a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)

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