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Pump group character- - Wu Renrong
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Pump group character- - Wu Renrong Wu Renrong, male, institute of Shanghai ship equipment is advanced engineer. Was born in Wuhan on September 30, 1939. Graduated 1963 Harbin Institute of Technology. Ability of mark of subsidiary engine of countrywide shipping engine room appoint secretary-general, countrywide pump standardizes committee committee member.
Be engaged in for a long time marine pump scientific research and design work, have solid the professional and academic knowledge with the system, be familiar with the technical current situation with this domestic and international major and development trend, organize and attended multinomial the research that belongs to national defence and naval and important equipment and design, for modern ship vessel development supplied the equipment that has contemporary country banner level; Chair and attended to include “ science and technology of emphasis of 85 ” nation tackles key problem project inside project of great scientific research and change the design of series product is mixed civilian taste development project, the respect such as the development that returns the research in relevant technology and application, new product at the same time and promotion had many job, obtained greater social benefit and economic benefits.
Be judged twice to be an institute advanced worker, suffer record a merit to commend twice. Come a few years, finished multinomial scientific research task and pump of main for military use and marine the design of pump and include cavitation, bearing, sealed, noise and vibration inside fundamental theory and the research that devise a method, gained greater success, have the honor to win award of achievement of science and technology of head office of shipping of award of countrywide scientific plenary meeting, China early or late each one, award of achievement of science and technology of academy of Chinese ship vessel and award of progress of science and technology each one, award of progress of science and technology of Zhao Qing city and Guangdong save award of outstanding new product each one.
The monograph that finish and interpret write each one (monograph " marine centrifugal pump " press of national defence industry; Interpret is written " blade pump " ) adding up to interpret, publish a paper more than 50, translation seven words. Participate in activity of learning of numerous learned society and amid holds a post, good reputation is enjoyed in water pump industry and industry of shipping subsidiary engine. Information source: Release a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)

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