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Zhejiang is saved always factory of water pump of dragon of eminent of north of
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Since factory of eminent dragon water pump establishs oneself, it is a domestic joint ventures that is engaged in technically be being sold at the scientific research of pump, development, production, have a powerful technical team, detect first-rate equipment and good employee quality, all these assured this factory to be in adjacent from beginning to end in intense market competition first position, the market will be extended ceaselessly.
My miller wants a product to have: ZW series sucks pump of multistage of centrifugal pump of conduit of type blowdown pump, ISW horizontal, ISG conduit centrifugal pump, DL(R) vertical, ZLKB oneself model full automatic frequency conversion adjusts stabilized voltage water supply equipment, GDL-B is torn open model pump of vertical multistage conduit.
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