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Factory of Shenyang city Shen Xi water pump
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Factory of Shenyang city Shen Xi water pump
Factory of Shenyang city Shen Xi water pump is located in Shenyang city Yu Hong district Home Ma San to press down a center, only then built 1976, it is scientific research of a market, development, production, sale the professional company of the manufacturing water pump at an organic whole. This enterprise has seasoned, design team mixes the water pump that is brave in to innovate to detect advancedly equipment, already formed a relatively perfect manufacturing management system in old practice, the technician that has a batch of high quality is versed in and produce employee, to the service with efficient and quick complete set is provided after the before selling carry out of the product. Card of this ” of Shen Xi of “ of company product registered trade mark, already produced fire control of horizontal of XBD-ISZ of vertical of XBD-ISG, XBD-DL, XBD-LG now special pump, centrifugal pump of conduit of horizontal of ISG vertical, ISZ, SBG tears open type conduit centrifugal pump; High-rise of DL, LG gives water pump, boiler feed pump of IS, SH, S water pump, GC, W, Y oil pump, AY oil pump; WQ go corrupt pump, QJ sumbersible pump and equipment of fire control stabilized voltage and equipment of frequency conversion water supply. This enterprise already passed attestation of system of quality of ISO9001 of northeast attestation company. Fire control certificate, produce moral to sell countrywide each province, city, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, export area of and other places of Korea, Korea, Australia.

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