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31 pull pump to obtain " product quality country avoids check " title
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31 pull pump to obtain country of “ product quality to avoid information of trade of check ” title recently, 31 pull pump to obtain country of “ product quality to dismiss check ” title. Pump sent company general manager Mr Peng Guangyu to attend the 2006 year China that holds in people congress hall to avoid check product prize-giving plenary meeting, got the medal that avoid check and the certificate that avoid check.

Avoiding check is to show the quality that carries out at the government sector to according with the product of rated condition to avoid monitors the activity of the examination.

Pulling pump is to entered the list that avoid check 2006, the enterprise that declares the product that avoid check needs to have “ product to the standard is achieved or father at national level (or occupation standard) requirement; The enterprise has perfect quality guarantee system and after service system; Have perfect quality inspection, detect orgnaization, can assure to leave factory product quality; Product market has rate and rank of business economic benefits to be located in 7 postulate such as ” of front row of course of study of one's own profession, the enterprise that accords with a condition applies for of one's own accord, provincial quality technology supervises a branch to undertake checkup, the program that the country pledges check total bureau presses a regulation undertakes authorized, the enterprise that accords with rated condition issues the letter that avoid check, announce to the society, encourage an enterprise to improve product quality, help actor up strong, guide consumption.

31 heavy industry are in early passed attestation of ISO9001 quality system in Feburary 1999, ceaseless abidance is improved, quality guarantee system is whole with each passing day, quality management moves toward maturity. Concrete pulls one of dominant products that pump is a company, after appearing on the market 1995, the market is had rate is rapid rise, maintained the market to have rate first place all the time up to now 2000, own home the market share of 44% .

Pump sends keep a department character the portion began an organization to declare the job that avoid check in May 2006, studying the branch such as company of this academy, sale support energetically below, last a period of time 7 many months, be examined through spot examine and verify, material early or late and choose of total bureau of national qualitative check finally, in December 2006, 31 pull pump to obtain country of “ product quality to dismiss check ” title eventually. Information source: Release a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)
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