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Beautiful general GE heats up pump main attack with 410A frequency conversion fl
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Of the arrival as the summer and weather turn with each passing day warm, more and more abroad air conditioning produce business focusing at British market.
The manufacturer of American air conditioning that lands British market recently is American General Electric Company (GeneralElectric, logogram is GE) , advocate hit a product to be 4 pull engine of one wall type, refrigerating capacity limits is 2.6-6.2kW. These hot pump aircrew use frequency conversion technology, place is R410A with cold intermediary. Aim at British home market at first, the United States is general and electric offer unit opportunity for local consumer, the installation personnel that passes attestation by General Electric Company is in charge of installing, collect fees it is 1599 pound about. The Si Man of humble of heat addition company with another manufacturer main Germany (Viessmann) , also plan to march England, but the plan began formally 2008. 2007 clean of sanitation of German Frankfurt international is provided, on heating and air conditioning exposition, german humble Si Man exhibited aircrew of much air conditioning of a series of monomer machine and lug, its output power limits to be between 2.5kW-9kW; Still have a series of cold water unit, its power is as high as 85kW. New series product has been mixed in Germany a few otherer European country begins to sell. Regard LG company as the agency of the product, german humble Si Man had entered industry of Osmanli air conditioning.
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