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Plant of the first water pump goes Shenyang to be tasted newly again
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Plant of the first water pump goes Shenyang to taste pump of blowdown of series of WS of information of trade of pump of WS series blowdown newly again is Shenyang the newest product of the first water pump, be to get used to the development of industry of urban environmental protection development. It uses impeller of flow path type, have without jam performance is good and efficient and energy-saving wait for outstanding characteristic, can use at the branch such as municipal project, collier, chemical industry, environmental protection, papermaking to carry the medium such as sewage, pulp, slop, excrement and urine, grey broken bits, chemical fibber. WS series sewage pump carries discharge 33-3000m3/h, yang Cheng 6.7-40m, impeller of big flow path, without jam, prevent it is good to wrap function, can amount to 180mm smoothly through using solid grain diameter, fiber length amounts to the liquid of 1500mm.
Shenyang factory of the first water pump only then built 1962, have 6 departments (room) , 5 produce a workshop, main production facilities 150. Produce 1021 17 series, norms now, year productivity amounts to more than 5000 pump kind product. Factory of the first water pump is Shenyang formerly machinist trade department, energy department, Electricity Department orders manufacturing company surely. Goods and materials of oil of company of equipment of goods and materials of department China petrifaction, China equips (group) the market supplies the resource of one course goods and materials of company of power of head office, state network member, it is our country pump kind the product produces one of mainstay businesses, successive and old by be judged to be Liaoning to save company of advanced company, Shenyang city star, its financial condition is spent for AAA stage business. Information source: Release a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)

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