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Line of business of triumphant spring pump: Science and technology promotes look
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Line of business of triumphant spring pump: Science and technology promotes look forward to to create value for the client In the Chinese pump line of business that market competition turns white-hot, triumphant spring group achieves quality all the time the whole process that actor fulfilled a product to produce. Each segment that produces a course establishs quality reference point, assure each working procedure to have production strictly according to technical file and quality standard, assure to offer the product that best sex price compares for “ client with reliable quality, create the biggest value ” for the client.
Triumphant spring passed ISO9000 ∶ 1999 attestation of system of 1994 edition quality, obtained attestation of American RAB multilateral international 2003, passed ISO9001 ∶ again 2005 2000 the 2nd when change edition hind answer judge attestation, retain firm of world-famous certificate of quality the identity with tripartite, undertake to the design of triumphant spring, production and quality all-around, diagnose, further ground promotes a product quality.

Normative quality management system, scientific quality control technological process and system, close test and examine the product quality that barrier of 8000 hours of system, without reason runs is affirmatory the well-known trademark “ that fostered line of business of pump of a China successfully.

In recent years, triumphant spring group carries out science and technology to begin strategy of look forward to, demand of client of base oneself upon. They rely on ” of center of technology of Shanghai class “ , innovation of exert oneself technology and new product research and development. For this, introduced the research such as the world's advanced CIMATRON three-dimensional CAD, CAM, CAE, FMS to design production to run software system, carry out ERP management.

2006, triumphant spring developed the new product such as reciprocating pump of pump of flue gas to decoke, pulp pump, pipe laying pump, high pressure, membrane pump, metric pump successfully. Hydraulic model changed enterprising to get favorable positive result. Double effect suction pump raises 5%% , reach domestic banner level; Desulphurization pump classics is designed, the technology is optimized, efficiency achieves 92%% , be close to international advanced level.

Current, group of Shanghai triumphant spring already became equipment of water pump of domestic market design, production, sale, water supply and pump to use control device the bibcock enterprise of industry of pump of the large group company at an organic whole, whole nation; Have production 23 old series, 20 thousand many breed, 200 thousand / year of covered productivity. 2006, sale amounts to 1.8 billion yuan, rank the cogongrass before countrywide pump industry 7 years continuously. ” of “ triumphant spring obtained the whole nation to defend a contract to weigh quality of credit company, whole nation name of 10 beautiful company and country avoid satisfaction of user of product of pump of sincere letter demonstrative enterprise, whole nation famous brand of check product, Shanghai recommends product, Shanghai the honorary title such as famous label, the ” of first “ well-known logo that was maintained to be Chinese pump industry 2005. Information source: Chinese water pump purchases a net to release a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)
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