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Teleikesi: Does racoon dog of bursa of small car of Dong of Fei of mildew of cap
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Teleikesi's subordinate O&K company is the first is approved the German grab manufacturer that accords with DINENISO9001 quality assurance standard. Grab of O&K hydraulic pressure runs alive group successfully each continent, its range of products is all ready, no matter why be planted operating mode, can supply suitable equipment. O&K company can be encircled more in Chinese expression can nod! The characteristic of O&K grab basically has:

Equipment of ” of “ puissant triangle, this is the patent technology of O&K

PMS: “ pump manages systematic ” (PMS: PumpManagingSystem) , namely electro-hydraulic servo engine - regulating system of pump load computer, can mix the engine that determines continuously the data of the actual parameter of hydraulic pressure system and computer set undertakes comparative, adjust by first-rate function the output of pump, thereby the most effective power that uses motor, can monitor in real time, store, show and diagnose the breakdown of all sorts of overall data.

System of refrigeration of oil of hydraulic pressure of ” of “ double independence: O&K cools in the hydraulic pressure oil of hydraulic pressure grab technical respect holds world lead position from beginning to end. The heat that ” of system of refrigeration of oil of hydraulic pressure of double independence of “ of its patent technology makes gasoline tank answers oil pocket answers oil to arrive at condenser directly, the working status photograph with grab is detached, assured cooling machine idle fast when hydraulic pressure oil still is cooled. Improved the work efficiency of cooling system greatly, make the system holds the ideal temperature position in stability.

Pedrail of advanced complete hydraulic pressure is automatic tension station

Full automatic centralize lubricant system

Hydraulic pressure crock uses the amortize of “ end Cheng of O&K patent”

Current, the hydraulic pressure grab of O&K company basically has the following type:

RH40-E: The main feature of this 100 tons hydraulic pressure grab is manufacture efficiency through accelerating the job to rise circularly. Current, alive bound each district has many 400 R40 to be worn in the job. Be in China, it participated in the construction of project of the key water control project end Yellow River wavelet, in cloth of clear river water inferior powerful effect was produced in project of key water control project.

RH90-C: The “ with peculiar O&K of this equipment of mining machines and tools of many tons of 170 class is puissant trigonometry ” orgnaization, ensured the machine is accurate and rapid move, and be helpful for protecting machine and reduce driver fatigue, reduced an operation charge and improved productivity. Current, have many 270 120-180 ton the grab of O&K hydraulic pressure of class moves in world each district.
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