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Frequency of company of big harbor oil field gives energy-saving report pump " a
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Company of big harbor oil field energy-saving regard coequal and as important as coal, oil, natural gas and electric power “ as ” of the 5th the sources of energy. 2006, this company frequency gives energy-saving “ to combine boxing ” , in bad news all sorts of the sources of energy can be used up to drop compared to the same period on the base that equipment increases ceaselessly coal of 9513 tons of standards, drop extent 1.38% ; Crude oil (gas) fluid quantity produces integrated specific power consumption, computation of the bad news that press sheet is energy-saving coal of thirty-four thousand five hundred tons of mark; Section water five hundred and fifty-seven thousand nine hundred stere, section water value two million six hundred and twenty-three thousand four hundred yuan.

This company published company of “ oil field to carry out “ energy-saving action ” carries out 1000 enterprises plan ” , made water of “ energy-saving section enterprise carry out detailed rules ” , “ to found managing model management of assessment of enterprise outstanding achievement carries out detailed rules ” , released “ with QHSE system file energy-saving fall ” of program of bad news government. In the meantime, normative system of the specific content that establishs an activity, evaluation and quantify index, refined energy-saving section water enterprise to assess standards of grading, edited norm of energy-saving section water examines main production unit index, make energy-saving job target specific, the work is specific.

This company entrusts Technical Division to use waste time to be in can equipment undertakes monitoring, in order to master bad news can first-hand data. The pumping unit of company of oil field of big last year harbor that monitor, go oily report pump, electric machinery, transformer 822 (set) , the amount that monitor is achieved with can 20% of equipment, the percent of pass that monitor relatively on year increased two percent; Special batch move three hundred and eighty-two thousand four hundred yuan of capital that monitor, the integrated and energy-saving test that well of 922 circuitry of 54 the 122 pump unit that begins pair of affusion systems from July, affusion, affusion had a system.

Optimize with the system adjust technical reformation of ” of water of oil of the “ section report that give priority to, item, solar term, section, it is the key that company of big harbor oil field carries out energy-saving action. Last year, this company form a complete set extended series energy-saving technology, rose to collect, note, be defeated, hot, report efficiency of energy of 4 old systems. In the light of ground facilities ageing, engineering technology backward, system moves efficiency and the sources of energy to use up tall current situation, carried out harbor oil field optimizes brief chemical industry on the west art, close stop 46 metric stations, 47 match receive with 2 between water turn station; Sheet of form a complete set of 167 tall hydrous wildcat is in charge of normal temperature collect to lose craft, adopt the means that exceed a station to move; Halt use heating furnace of water of 9 mix into, sewage replaces clear water to note get together, can form section report every year hour of 3.61 million kilowatt, solar term is 1.14 million stere, managing clear water the ability of 650 thousand stere.
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