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Pump of conduit of research and development, extend water pump to sell the marke
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” of pump of conduit of “ of research and development, extend water pump to sell the market
The first inflection point of poineering life of Lin Kai article appeared 1990.

Before 1990, lin Kai article and a lot of lukewarm city people are same, it is “ Wen Zhou a of ” of main forces of 100 thousand sales, the word that uses Lin Kai him language says, be brick ” is moved in “ . The “ brick ” that move is the sort of treatment bee cries at the beginning piece cupreous material, to later, because of home town Wen Zhouyong the countryside ” that fine county is the whole nation's famous “ pump a powerful person, lin Kai article also ” of “ return to the subject, make water pump sale.

The industrial development characteristic of “ our Wen Zhou is division of labor is made clear, make what make simply, the canal of the sale is sold, because enterprise scale is not large, an enterprise should be done produce complete set of supply and marketing to be considered a bit come nevertheless ” , this is Lin Kai article a kind of understanding to lukewarm city mode. Nevertheless, lin Kai him article does not wish however this inherent road. 1990, the money that Lin Kai article moves brick ” scrape up with “ established in home town water pump factory, of extraordinary is, lin Kai him article produces him to sell. He thinks, make gift so most market of press close to, just know the market needs what kind of product.
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