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Line of business of pump of Zhejiang new Territories limited company-----Make qu
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1987, the father Xu Shanfu that makes quick field and person partnership open send plant of pump of a screw, because farmer idea compares stale at that time, product unmanned make inquires, at a draught be in debt many yuan 30. 1991, xu Min cropland and father comprise ” of corps of “ father and son, establish plant of water pump of new Territories of lukewarm mountain county, from now on, two footmark spread all over father and son Chinese country, endure a village door come to promote, installation. Be in Heibei when them devious and a mountainous area when taking clear water to hill with water pump, in the bottom of one's heart that ” of “ new Territories began to walk into farmer brother truly. Now, line of business of pump of Zhejiang new Territories limited company already was cover an area of a face to accumulate 50 thousand more than square metre, have stuff 700 more than person, year produce of all kinds pump more than 60 joint stock company. Brand of ” of “ new Territories is judged to be “ Zhejiang to save famous label ” , product of ” of “ new Territories is judged to be ” of product of “ Zhejiang famous brand and “ country to avoid check product ” . ” of “ new Territories sits firmly Chinese small-sized water pump the first an ancient folding chair, making quick cropland say his two big a magic weapon is brand and quality. Company of estate of new Territories pump ever was hanging production of plate of mill of Shanghai people pump for a long time, 1998, making quick cropland become aware examine reachs civilian battalion industry is when pulling “ to build head cloth ” , this name wherefrom removes line of business of pump of ” of “ new Territories to made formally ring momently. Meantime, ” of “ new Territories encountered heavy difficulty, company interior also produced very big difference, manage a many people to express to hang out one's shingle production has the market hard, xu Min is wanting how to be put however in cropland heart long term angle big fish, he insists to think, want to be free from anxiety seriously only, this gold nugget of ” of “ new Territories child, regular meeting glow shines. Current, ” of “ new Territories already had 300 many jobber in the whole nation.

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