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Hold to own innovation " navigate " business of valve of pump of area of a shoe-
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Not long ago, the reporter will reach the designated position the limited company of group of Dan Dongjin bolus of area of a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China of Yu Dandong city. In plant area soundless, only that is building product line of medium alkaline manganese cell in ground of in full swing, showing the tendency that golden bolus group develops flourishingly. In capsule machinery cent factory produces a workshop, the worker is handling all sorts of modern high-tech instruments in ground of in an orderly way.

Now nowadays, build in literary composition of region of a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China " innovation the city zone " below big trend, the important matter of a first class that the area belongs to each industry business to develop own innovation as the enterprise. Each industry business increases investment of science and technology ceaselessly, strength of research and development of aggrandizement new product, raise the content of science and technology of the product and additional cost ceaselessly, make a product famous degree rise ceaselessly. Current, whole area had 7 enterprises to assume national torch to plan a project, two enterprises assumed a country project of industrialization of new and high technology, more two products occupy world lead position, a product is domestic initiate, fill of a product home is blank.

Own innovation closes to achievement is changed

The enterprise increases the strength of own innovation, ceaseless research and development gives high-tech new product, can apply in company production directly, the intermediate link that saved achievement of science and technology to change so, rising while the enterprise manufactures efficiency, more bring more economic benefits to the enterprise, enterprise what is there against it.

Clone group limited company is such. 1997, clone group and northwest industry university Professor Li Guokun cooperate, apply its " pull push magnetic circuit " academic, research and development the pump of high-power magnetic force that has own intellectual property, realized the 0 leak of pump, it is environmental protection, energy-saving, safe new technology product. The development last a period of time of this one product 3 years, 1999 when passed appraisal of achievement of provincial science and technology, and fill the blank of pump of magnetic force of our country high-power. It is have the aid of achievement of this research and development, clone group became the biggest company of industry of pump of domestic magnetic force, product of magnetic force pump also is labelled free of capital of innovation of science and technology of ministry of science and technology medium and small businesses funds a project, was included item of national level torch 2005. Be in namely of the same age, pump of high-power magnetic force changed extend project to be brought into base of northeast old industry promotes project of loan pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange in, threw 69 million yuan to transform capital in all, built the manufacturing base that produces per year ability of pump of 3000 magnetic force, sales revenue achieves 135 million yuan, profit tax 28 million yuan.
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