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Product of our country pump the first lead can effect standard is passed authori
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On October 18, the national level that standardizes technical committee organization to hold in foundation of countrywide the sources of energy and management is authorized on the meeting, through castigatory " clear water centrifugal pump can effect demarcate value and energy-saving evaluation value " national level is passed authorized. The target that this standard asks can effect demarcate value belongs to lead function index, authorized meeting suggests to after the day that index implements in the standard rises 3 years, should be carried out, this is product of our country pump standard of effect of first lead function, it develops the whole that affects trade of our country water pump greatly.
According to the standard the first person that draft, China standardizes academy engineer Zhang Xin to introduce, our country already promulgated at present can effect standard majority attributes current situation level. Current situation standard begins to carry out inside the half an year after the standard is released normally, main goal is the high cost that eliminates end of the lowest on the market can product, guide energy-saving, improve a product can effect level. But the energy-saving latent capacity that current situation standard did not dig an enterprise adequately, energy-saving to industry development, industry produce the effect that can last hard. Lead level is on international one kind of new standard carries out means, in energy-saving domain, already was used generally by the developed country.

Standardize the data that technical committee secretariat provides according to foundation of countrywide the sources of energy and management, current, the industrial specific power consumption of our country already exceeded the 70 % of year of gross that use phone, pump kind the product is bad news can large family, occupy the 20 % of industrial total specific power consumption about. Among them, clear water centrifugal pump occupies pump kind the half above of product output. Pump kind the product applies extensively at the domain such as industry, agriculture, commerce, building, quantity bedding face is wide, although pump kind of the energy efficiency of the product rise small, also can bring tremendous section energy, of efficiency of pump product energy rise can bring very big profit to the enterprise.

According to introducing, the basic requirement that this standard set clear water centrifugal pump, can effect demarcate value, target can effect demarcate value and energy-saving evaluation value. The suitable scope of the standard after editing includes only course sheet to suck clear water centrifugal pump, only course double suck clear water centrifugal pump and centrifugal pump of multistage clear water 3 kinds of products.

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