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Port of short for Zhejiang Province intercepts and capture a batch " the wall is
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The reporter examines 26 days from Zhejiang quarantine bureau learns, this bureau hunted down a batch of housing to surprise to export valve thinly a few days ago, the difference of quality is place is peculiar in recent years.

Zhejiang examines quarantine bureau was opposite a few days ago provincial a batch of when business of a valve exports 770 box, 71020, the discovery when goods is worth the valve of 58 thousand dollar to have sampling inspection, among them " 1/2 " ball valve has bring about housing because of housing craze in great quantities the experiment is unqualified, yuan Chao examines the regulation of regulations. The quality with so many housing so unqualified, inferior experiment is in this bureau in last few years examine the place in quarantine is peculiar.

Introduce according to industry employer, because manufacturing date of delivery is short, also to reduce cost, did not undertake compression test is exported with respect to the direct preparation that pack. To this, zhejiang examines quarantine bureau issued unqualified requisition, travel of the reentry after requirement enterprise undertakes to this batch of valve do poorly done work over again is arranged is reinspected.

Say in this enterprise already had compression test entirely and already get rid of besides reject hind, the member that Zhejiang bureau is sent undertakes reinspecting to this batch of valve, still discover compression test of a lot of housing is unqualified, yuan Chao examines the regulation of regulations, the enterprise also feels very indissoluble.

Examine quarantine personnel refers to the valve with housing unqualified compression test then analyse, the housing that discovers this approves valve is very thin, can use simply " the wall is thin like paper " will describe. Serious to this batch jerry valve, zhejiang bureau already issued unqualified requisition, forbid its to export, will strengthen further to this enterprise examine superintend.

As we have learned, since this year, the rocket of price of valve raw material such as copper, zinc, and export price rises in price accordingly hard, the enterprise reduces cost for gain leave no stone unturned, adopted this kind of jerry method then. A lot of enterprises are adopted replace material to machine valve, if use iron ball to replace cupreous ball, cap of the lever of a powerful person of the copper facing that use iron, a powerful person replaces cap of lever of cupreous a powerful person, a powerful person, replace plastic king with plastic sealing ring (get together 4 fluorine ethylene) sealing ring, because replace the function of material to be not stabilized, the quality that causes exit valve drops, serious effect Zhejiang saves the quality reputation that exports valve.

2006 1 - in September, zhejiang examines quarantine bureau discovers exit valve has 26 to approve in all unqualified, quantity of number of defectives is many 770 thousand, goods is worth 840 thousand much dollar.
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