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Water pump machinery is sealed and common leakage phenomenon and countermeasure
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Summary: The article summed up machinery sealed commonner leakage cause. Mechanical and sealed itself is the accurate component with a kind of higher demand, to design, machining, assemble quality to have very high demand. When use machinery is sealed, analyse of part of one's job uses all sorts of mechanical and sealed ingredients, make machinery sealed the technical requirement that applies to all sorts of pump and use medium requirement and have sufficient lubricant requirement, such ability assure sealed and long-term reliably movement.

Keyword: Machinery is sealed leakage phenomenon

Mechanical and sealed Yi Chenduan the face is sealed, its have the end panel of line of runner shaft of a pair of perpendicular Yu Xuan, this end panel is below fluid pressure and the action of the bounce outside compensating machinery, depend on auxiliary and sealed cooperate to maintain joint with another end, relatively slip, prevent fluid leak thereby.

, common leakage phenomenon

The scale of mechanical and sealed leakage occupies the 50 % above that maintains pump entirely, what mechanical and sealed moving stand or fall affects water pump directly is normal move, sum up an analysis to be as follows now.

1. Periodic leakage

(Momentum of change of axial of 1) pump rotor is big, auxiliary and sealed the interference with the axis is big, move annulus to cannot move neatly on the axis. Retroflexion in pump, move, after static annulus wears away, cannot get compensation displacement.
Countermeasure: Assembling when machinery is sealed, axial change momentum of the axis should be less than 0.1mm, auxiliary and sealed answer with axial interference moderate, in make sure radial is sealed while, can agile on the axis shift assures after moving annulus to assemble (move annulus to be pressed to bedspring to be able to be played freely come back) .

(The quantity is not worth lube of 2) sealing surface to cause dry clash or pull Mao Mi to seal end panel.

Countermeasure: Face height should add the lube inside oily room antrum to prep above to move, static annulus sealing surface.

(3) rotor is periodic oscillatory. The reason is stator and go up, lower end lid is not right medium or impeller and main shaft are lopsided, cavitation or bearing attaint (wear away) , this kind of circumstance can shorten sealed life and generation leakage.

Countermeasure: Can correct afore-mentioned problems according to maintaining a level.

2. Small-sized go corrupt pump machine seals leakage the appearance grinding an axis that cause

(Small pump machine seals invalidation to often arise under 1) 715kW grind an axis, the position that grind an axis basically has the following: Move annulus to assist bedspring of position of sealing ring place, static annulus, minority to have the appearance that grind an axis.

(2) grinds main reason of the axis: Machinery of ① BIA double end panel is sealed, controlling state instead is bad working position, the grain in medium, impurity enters sealing surface very easily, make sealed invalidation. What ② grinds an axis is main be in charge of for balata ripple, and because go up,be carry sealing surface to be in undesirable and lubricant condition, the attrition moment of force between activity annulus is more than balata ripple between canal and axis deliver torsion, produce opposite roll. ③ is moved, static annulus is auxiliary and sealed because get of the weak acid in sewage, weak base corrode, balata already did not have flexibility. Some is cankered already, lost due function, arose to grind axial phenomenon.
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