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About balancing the application of a powerful person
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One, balance a powerful person

Balance a powerful person understands correctly should use a powerful person evenly for hydraulic operating mode. Set out from this one idea the valve that all at balance of hydraulic operating mode using if control valve, pressure-relief valve, from force type flow control valve, press difference to control a powerful person to should regard as from force type hydraulic operating mode uses a powerful person evenly -- balance a powerful person. And the product that balance a powerful person calls on the market, it is add only a kind of hand of discharge test function moves control valve.

Static balance a powerful person is to show the hand moves control valve or hand dynamic balancing a powerful person. Dynamic balance a powerful person is to show from force type flow control valve is mixed press difference to dominate a powerful person or family from force type. Ever also called from force type flow control valve from force type flow control implement, balance a powerful person or family from force type. From force type a powerful person of the control that press difference is in boreal Europe to also call Automotic Balamce Valve namely self-poise a powerful person.

2, hydraulic operating mode and balance of hydraulic operating mode

The tubal network that popularly says heat addition, air conditioning is the tubal net that closed circuit circulates, its are hydraulic operating mode is the pressure that points to a system each a little bit, each canal paragraph discharge, press difference. By formulary △ P=SG2

△ P -- press difference or call obstruction the loss

S -- canal paragraph or obstruction coefficient of the system

G -- canal paragraph or systematic discharge

Knowable, discharge and pressure are relevant parameter, the adjusting control each other of discharge and pressure is method and purpose. Decompression method is the flow that reduces upriver pipeline; The pressure that reduces discharge to also need Mian is the dot before reducing pipeline or the pressure of the dot after increasing pipeline. Discharge change causes the change of pressure necessarily; S is worth fixed system, the change that presses difference the inevitable origin change at discharge. Because this says to do not have the one flow control valve that we does not affect pressure, also dominate a powerful person or family without a kind of pressure that does not affect flow.

Hydraulic operating mode is to point to the reasonable allocation that what sort put in order evenly. In heat addition and net of air conditioning canal, water is hot carrier medium, the reasonable allocation of discharge is the foundation that heating power operating mode balances. It is with heat addition system exemple, undertake below the fictitious case that affluent quantity is dividing to be worth for the design each when the architect is undertaking hydraulic operating mode is calculated. Because be in charge of the limitation that material and highest velocity of flow become, equilibrium of water of the implementation on the design is impossible almost. Such certainly will create close end obstruction coefficient cannot achieve design ideal status, form close end flow is too large, yuan Duanliu measures insufficient maladjusted phenomenon.
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