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Raise child will roll out fountainhead to heat up pump 6 old series
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The fountainhead that regards Yang Zizhong as one of products of 3 big fist of center air conditioning heats up pump aircrew, will roll out 6 flood source to heat up pump in succession at 2007 year range of products, the fountainhead that the fountainhead of form of cabinet of the fountainhead pump of type of the fountainhead hot pump that is fission type respectively, whole, condole heats up type of pump, new wind heats up lug of pump, frequency conversion the fountainhead that much fountainhead heats up type of pump, concentration heats up pump. As we have learned, raise child after rolling out 6 old series, can call home market fountainhead to heat up one of companies with pump series the most complete product line.

In the meantime, through the effort of 2006 year, fountainhead heats up pump in the whole nation each market also was built in succession one large quantities of exceeding project of big sample plate. Fountainhead heats up pump product to belong to domestic new product, company of a few agency, engineering, Party A is returned to this product understanding less, raise child assist agency to offer an optimum product to the user with all one's strength in promotion and technical support respect, because this market is successful rate is very high, want the project that Yang Zizhong ends air conditioning intervenes only, can reach collaboration basically. Current, raise child the target of sale of fountainhead hot pump of 2006 year already was finished ahead of schedule.

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