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High pressure is efficient and energy-saving prospect of market of pump of carap
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December the first ten days of a month, company of Chinese petrifaction group is homebred and masked equipment office is held in Jiangsu pacify river efficient and high pressure, energy-saving meeting and new product popularize appraisal of achievement of technology of pump of carapace coming back news briefing, preparative promotion is efficient and use series high pressure, energy-saving product of pump of carapace coming back.

It is reported, the pump that uses the trade such as Yu Shi oily chemical industry extensively kind product, because of its different level land is put in bad news can tall, benefit is low and insufficient, restricting the raising of business economic benefits badly. However, efficient and the high pressure that this the conference popularizes, energy-saving pump of carapace coming back, hopeful solves this one difficult problem thoroughly. According to expert introduction, efficient and the HXK300S2 that this appraisal passes high pressure, energy-saving pump of carapace coming back belongs to sheet of Cheng of little flow, soar pump of stage shell coming back, the pump of the industry such as as oily as Yu Shi of current and wide application chemical industry kind product photograph is compared, have efficient and energy-saving, reliability taller, structure compact, overhaul is convenient wait for a characteristic, integral technology reachs domestic advanced level. As we have learned, since 2004, efficient and HXK300S2 high pressure, energy-saving pump of carapace coming back, change limited company of chemical industry of division of day of the river inside company and Sichuan to wait for an enterprise to use in golden hill branch, Qing Jiangshi early or late, all obtained very good economic benefits. Current, this product already was developed 200 model, 300 model and 400 model 3 different set, suitable scope also expands the industry such as mine, steely, electric power.

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