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Walk out of quality difficult position homebred water pump needs to increase eff
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With abroad congener product photograph is compared, domestic water pump still is put in the difference with not little move on quality at present. This differentia is apart from the competition ability that weakened product of domestic water pump directly. The price of equipment of common country water pump has 50% of congener entrance equipment only, and the price difference of fittings of machine parts or tools kept in reserve is bigger. Just conclude in Beijing before long afore " exposition of machinery of fluid of 2006 China International " go up, although production enterprise of domestic water pump was obtained with its diversiform product design and low price broad the favour of the person that look around, but wait for a problem as a result of technical content, its sales volume still cannot compare a shoulder with the foreign congener product that exhibits with the stage. A variety of facts of associate with make clear, domestic manufacturer wants those who raise oneself to live force and competition ability, first job is raising the make an issue of on product quality namely.

The author thinks, domestic manufacturer should walk out of quality difficult position, want to solve the efficiency of water pump and stability problem above all.

Efficiency and the stability problem that run are the heat that pump industry pays close attention to all the time. The efficiency that improves water pump is in the sources of energy is in short supply today, can achieve energy-saving fall the purpose of bad news; Additional, because pumping station run time is long, the stability that water pump runs and dependability also should be put in the first place. So, this is both indispensable, it is the key that promotes water pump quality. So the author considers to carry out with respect to what combine his, from how to improve quality through select material this angle raises bit of proposal for broad manufacturer.

Material affects the efficiency of water pump and stability with the structure character

As we have learned, use at the municipal project, water conservancy project, water pump that gives catchment project and project of drain flooded fields of prevent or control flood at present, although breed is various, but still basically shed water pump of type, mixed flow type to give priority to with centrifugal type, axis. The author thinks, water pump is in the course that run, how to increase its efficiency and stability, depend on completely hydraulic shed a proper design and production geometry precision, water pump to make chosen material too the rationality of qualitative, craft and water pump structure a few respects.

According to introducing, because suffer the effect of the respect such as temperature, density, viscosity and complex water quality, make the moving efficiency of water pump is controlled harder; Differ character plus the capable person that chooses when production water pump, applicable operating mode is different also, the efficiency discretion difference that water pump runs is very big.
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