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Group of powerful pump trade combines Shijiazhuang of group of Shijiazhuang pump
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Respectable client reachs relevant unit:

Via ranking approval, by group of Shijiazhuang pump trade finite liability company (group of pump of stone of the following abbreviation) change the Shijiazhuang that make group of powerful pump trade is narrow liability company (the following abbreviation is powerful group) already at 2 held water 6 years 00 on March 9, in the meantime, asset and personnel already transferred powerful group entirely related stone pump group. Two groups pass 10 months have sex transfer try move, all continue job has been finished. Stone pump group will at 2 stop to manage by 7 years 00 January, enter the state that put add. Damage to protect user interest not to suffer, industry of water pump of stimulative our country grows more quickly better, stone pump group, powerful group states as follows jointly lawfully:

One. From 2 rose 7 years 00 on Feburary 1, stone pump group signs the after service of the contract and 3 packets of clauses with user place before this, all carry out by powerful group continue.


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