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    In recent years, the city to improve service efficiency, optimize the investment environment to attract many domestic and foreign industry giants a run to Hefei, the land of hope. Hai Kai Quan is one of them.

July 2009, the production base in Hefei Hai Kai Quan Group Project (hereinafter referred to as "Kay Spring Project") formally signed Yaohai Hefei Industrial Park located in the project on 260 acres of land, will build China's largest production base and the pump submersible pump product research and development center.

"Industry Transfer" preferred Hefei

"Stephen Kay development and expansion of the transfer to the industrial expansion, Hefei is the preferred course!" Hai Kai Wei Jianghai Group Vice President Stephen explains, "Lazi" Hefei. As the development of one of the early pump, Kay Spring Group has evolved into a leading enterprise in China pump industry.

"Hefei to develop too fast in recent years, preferential policies on our manufacturing sector is particularly attractive." Weijiang Hai, said Stephen Kay products are sold throughout the country, and Hefei, east and west, is a new transportation hub, Kay seeking to expand this spring particularly attractive. The long preparation, "then Hydrangea" Yaohai Hefei Industrial Park, since 2004, been sent to Stephen Kay earnest discussions with the investment staff, after 5 years of unremitting efforts, and eventually to Kay Spring project officially opened in July 2009.

Miami started renting construction

January of this year, covers 200 acres, amounting to 6 billion investment project Kay Spring officially started a project.

8 October, reporters came to Kay Spring project in the construction site. Site construction in full swing, the excavator Tiebi waving, construction vehicles between the chain and the entire project taking shape.

Sections of the project reporter saw a double-suction pumps, medium-sized pump workshop 40,000 square meters plant has been erected, and large frame standing in the flat above the plant, the plant construction is nearing its end. The Second and Third Sections of tenders construction has entered a critical period.

Stephen Kay Electric Pump Co., Ltd. Hefei, vice president of ancestral culture, told reporters after the project started, "impatient" Kay people do not wait for spring completion of the project, infrastructure has just begun, they will be part of the production line moved from Shanghai to prepare in advance to rent the workshop started in Hefei .

"The fastest progress in order to build the plant but also by the end of the year is so valuable, how can you waste?" Wei Jianghai explain the reason to start early.

"Preferential policies to escort all the way to the green light has been settled in Hefei, which further strengthened the confidence of our early start." Weijiang Hai stressed.

In this way, Stephen Kay Group earlier this year rented the original lightning speed of the motor part of the Hefei Sanyi old factory, made the first batch of "Hefei made" Kay Spring pump. Reporter learned from the Industrial Park Yaohai, Stephen Kay has yet to achieve the presence condition of the project, due to start early this year, has been able to contribute at least 110 million yuan of output value. The next year, "second five" after the start, Kay Spring Project I and II project will be fully completed, the estimated annual output value will reach 2.5 billion to 30 billion.

"World top ten" is not a dream

"Rooted in Hefei, we advance the pace of the world's top ten pump will go far more solid." Weijiang Hai said Stephen Kay moved to Hefei, the main product line, the Shanghai will be only as a group headquarters and nuclear power, thermal power development and other special pumps base, which will further reduce technically Stephen Kay giant gap between the pump and the world, Kay has long into the spring people realize the dream of the world top ten pump just around the corner.

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