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China Water Association Conference held in Hangzhou portrait of the South Pum
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National urban water supply industry in order to further study and publicize and implement the "urban water supply plant operation, maintenance and safety procedures," to further regulate the water treatment plant operation and maintenance work, ensure water supply security, June 8, 2010 March 9, -6, from China Water Association organized the "urban water supply plant operation, maintenance and safety procedures," publicize and implement and Training Conference in Hangzhou hundred Swiss International Hall third floor of the Canal Hotel, was successfully held. China Water Association for Li Zhendong, chairman of the Association of Zhejiang Urban Water Sector Chan Wan-lung, and other leaders and experts attended the meeting. Pump as a co-organized by the South in the conference organization, follow-up arrangements, have played a very important assistance role, but also to demonstrate its good corporate image. During the meeting, "urban water supply plant operation, maintenance and safety procedures," the institute has supervised the staff and experts on the preparation and content of procedures to conduct a deep and comprehensive lectures, local water supply enterprise in charge of production technology and the people in charge of running water characteristics of urban water supply situation and a brief introduction. Subsequently, the conference co-organizers from around the South Pump Water Association to the leaders, experts and business delegates demonstrated a complete system of water supply equipment and strong corporate strength, and invited experts and representatives jointly visited the business, business norms management and excellent product quality has been participating leaders alike. Finally, the China Water Association for Li Zhendong, Yao Zhejiang Urban Water Industry Association Secretary-General and other leaders posed for pictures in the company, and a warm send-off in the South Sound Pump set foot in a common journey to visit the Shanghai World Expo.
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