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Mazda announced that due to the fuel pump will recall 72,000 cars questions
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Mazda announced it would recall 72,000 domestic and overseas car. The recall is because the company found that the existence of its production of automotive fuel pump problem that could cause engine flameout. A company spokesman said, in Japan, Mazda will recall 28,238 cars, vehicles in June of last year to April this year, the production of Premacy and Biante. The company will be corrosion free replacement fuel pump Ministry Parts, because these parts in the factory leak detection process, may occasionally retain moisture in the pump. "In the worst case, this issue could lead to engine failure," the spokesman said that Mazda will be in accordance with the National laws and regulations, from the recall of 44,000 overseas Premacy cars, most of them from North America, Europe and China. In China, the model known as the Mazda 5. Japan's major car companies have been recalled in recent months, dozens of cars. Which, by the "recalled the door," the greatest impact is the Toyota Motor Corporation, the company recalled 12 million in 2009 vehicles.
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