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Chinese land source heats up pump industry to greet development climax
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Land source is hotPumpThe technology is the most advanced heating refrigeration on current worldTechnology. Come nearly 10 years the whole world develops every year with the speed of 20%% above. Up to 2005 the end of the year, already had 33 states popularizing this technology. It holds an energy-saving, environmental protection, moving charge concurrently low 3 big advantages, it is important to be regarded as by world each country at present but place of technology of second birth energy applies extensively.

Of technology of hot pump of source of our country land introduce

Of technology of hot pump of source of our country land introducing undertake from two ways. The first is with government of Sino-US two countriesCooperateThe form of the project begins. On November 8, 1997, former state committee of science and technology and American energy department signed Sino-US two countries in Beijing " the cooperative agreement about production of energy of the heat of the earth's interior and application " , the decision begins to popularize American earth in our country - gas (water) model technology of land source hot pump. On November 4, 1998, “ Sino-US two countries " energy efficiency and but the development of technology of second birth energy uses domain collaboration protocol " ” of conference of job of working party first time is held in the United States, the conference was passed " specification of work of technology of hot pump of source of land of United States of promotion of collaboration of government of Sino-US two countries " , source of land of government of Sino-US two countries heats up pump collaboration project to be started formally. At this late hour, in this the purpose drove next personal classics to finish hundreds land source to heat up pump demonstrative project in countrywide each district. The 2nd is with home equipment of a few refrigeration makes manufacturer be modelled on European water - water land source heats up the form of pump aircrew to begin. 1997 around, domestic certain manufactory begins the land source of imitated Europe manufacturer to heat up pump aircrew, be in our country northern region to sell through its sale channel. To sell this kind of new-style unit, they offer a share for the user or system of whole land source hot pump is designed. Because land source heats up pump aircrew,production difficulty is not very great, the manufacturer of countrywide each district begins follow the lead of quickly to make, so far, production land source heats up the manufacturer of pump aircrew to already amounted to about a hundred. Its system is reached in these manufacturer of compositive business drive below, european water - technology of hot pump of water land source occupies source of our country land to heat up pump market at present the market share of 80% above.
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