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Industry of valve of global machinery pump grows the current situation and devel
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Nearly 20 years industry of world construction crane produced very big change. RT(cross-country wheel crane) with crane of AT(whole area)Productdevelop quickly, broke original product and market structure, in economic progress and market intense competition concussion falls, cause world market unifinication of farther incline to. Construction crane of eye preexistence bound year sale already amounted to 7.5 billion dollar to control. Basically produce a country to wait for the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, world top class company has many 10, world market basically is in North America, Japan centrally / Asia and Europe.

American since produces the main country of construction crane, it is one of the biggest world markets. What reach RT and AT product as a result of the rapid development of industry of crane of Japan, Germany is arisen, american manufacturer ever was in the dominant place that 60 ~ have in market of 70 time world is weakened, form the United States, Japan and Germany thereby the situation of 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces. In last few years American economy picks up, the market is active, foreign manufacturer participates in competition in succession. The actual strength of American manufacturer also increases somewhat, teleikesi of crane company rising abruptly is paradigmatic namely.

Teleikesi crane company predecessor is plant of serious engine of American division Lin Qi. Since 1995, pass a series of annex activity, already developed become one of world top class companies. Year sale jumps from the 50 million dollar 1992 the 771 million dollar 1998, hopeful broke through 1 billion dollar 1999.

Japan becomes construction crane to produce big country since 70 time, product quality and amount rise very fast, already exported Euramerican market, year total output resides the world the first. Since 1992, because suffer yen to appreciate, investment of domestic capital construction drops and Asian banking crisis is affected, produce per year a quantity to show downtrend. Year total production value makes an appointment with 510 billion yen to drop to be controlled to the 310 billion yen 1997 from 1991, dropped than 1997 again 1998 1/3 above. Total output of Japanese construction crane was 25560 1998, among them, RT product 2087, automobile crane 820, pedrail crane 692, lorry crane 15032, other two kinds of machine are planted in all 7029. RT product year total production value amounts to 55 billion yen, for first what each machine plants, it is pedrail crane next, make an appointment with 40 billion yen.

Total sales amounted to round of type crane market of Japanese 5t above 1991 6700, our market of order the day before yesterday year demand is 3000.

European market is the market with very big potential. The exit country of construction crane of since of European each industrial state, also be important entrance country. Germany is the biggest Europe market, wait for a country for England, France, Italy next. In share of market of German AT product, er of benefit suddenly sea is occupied 53% , gelufu is occupied 16% , demataike is occupied 14% , much field and Teleikesi are occupied each 10% with 5% .
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