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To improve technology qualitative check manages systematic pump look forward to
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One thinks the accident of overseas order for goods in all can receiving bursa is missing formerly, not only grain is not had close, still for nothing loss hundred thousands of yuan. The “ painful ” that upgrade, how is clear! Recently the industry upgrades on special subject informal discussion, a such things that controller of turbine blade company mentions, caused what industry upgrades to the industry to think.

Now nowadays, global banking crisis is patulous, EnterpriseContend for jump out coessential spend competition and the domain of ” of “ the Red Sea of small profit, ceaseless innovation open up belongs to space of his ” of “ La Hai. The process that upgrade, of test is the ability that the enterprise equips to update promotion with the technology not only, also be the perseverance of enterprise policymaker and determination, and faculty promotion and the ability that span.

Painful: In one's hand order was lost, still for nothing loss hundred thousands of yuan

In fact, early advanced a few years, the ” of “ turbine lamina that already was ” of champion of countrywide “ singles realizes: Rely on science and technology only lead dominant position, take the lead in be being extended to high-end market, just be the basic outlet that the company can grow continuously. From this, enterprise besides firm hold commanding elevation of big lamina of domestic power station, exert oneself makes domestic blade on engineering technology and quality management outside the first brand, with aviation blade reachs component market set out outside main Xiang Hai. ” of “ turbine lamina accepted arrival last year the order that from international electric tycoon A Ersi knows crock of the high pressure in company turbine to use blade, both sides signed on annual 10 thousand order, still expressed long-term cooperation intention. After 3 months, 1000 first delivery. The company thinks the meeting is successful formerly consign, because of each lamina no matter dimension of underlying performance index, exterior is returned,be exterior quality, it is high grade. But your person only then expect do not is, the client sees product quality not only, righter the craft quality control of the whole production process of the company and process record management, had very strict examination, the result discovers the company is in existing here a few carry out and control lax problem. From this, examine and verify of company quality system fails to pass, first 1000 lamina rejection, the loss does not say hundred thousands of yuan, order of follow-up professional work also is cancelled accordingly.

Same “ painful ” , day standsPumpThe company also has encountered. Factory of stannic water pump and day of business of old brand of Japanese manufacturing industry are not had two years ago establish a company joint-stock after establishing pump ” into “ day, first job is from former advantage domain agricultural pump, march pump of high-end market electric power. Just began a few months, the product of electric power pump that the enterprise produces, send Japanese headquarters to detect entirely, result cannot of believe is, these domestic qualification were tasted over there it is ” of reject of ”“ of “ defective goods unexpectedly, do not have almost one operable.
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