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Pump uses a few errors in mechanical and sealed overhaul
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From October begin first, what 4 model are HBT80 is medium concrete of couplet heavy division is carriedPumpImpose a state in Hubei favour Ba Dong county is wild 3 close a town to raise Jing He village to pitch a camp, the Chengdu that it is Shanghai on the west freeway 21 contracts paragraph —— raises Jing He especially big bridge undertakes concrete perfusion works. The river that raise a well is especially big the bridge is full-length 545.54 meters, advocate cross 430 meters, it is eye preexistence bound on the biggest span bear arch bridge of type steel tube.
The river that raise a well is especially big the bridge is located in high mountain ridges, over or across is 500 meters wide, deep 1000 meters “V” gorge, cross-strait either end of a bridge and channel are linked together cheek by jowl, two side are cliff, it is Shanghai Chengdu on the west freeway each mark paragraph in the project with construction the biggest difficulty.
Because perfusion of concrete of costal region of steel tube arch is the most crucial construction in this projectTechnologyOne of, technical difficulty is great, tall to the stability demand of equipment, bear those who build this project is medium iron 13 bureaus, after the equipment performance that provides to each big rigid business undertakes strict survey, parameter compares right, plan to choose, final make choice of in of couplet heavy divisionProduct.
Couplet pump assumes complete bridge in 8 arch costal region advocate the concrete perfusion that bowstring is in charge of, from October 7 since construction, had finished 3 at present advocate the concrete perfusion that bowstring is in charge of works, c50 of the perfusion inside the canal from secret formula concrete, sheet is in charge of 500m3, weigh 1250 tons. The project needs altogether perfusion concrete 4000m3, gross weight 10000 tons, time limit for a project about two months. Chief inspector Wang Chengshuang says safety of this project manger department: “ from already 3 of perfusion advocate in light of the case that bowstring provides, the equipment of couplet can satisfy construction requirement completely in, up to now, equipment runs everything is normal, had not appeared breakdown, this explains our choice is correct. ”
Go on wheels to assure construction, those who undertake this project is medium Hunan of the couplet financing company that rent joins in expedited base of construction of be stationed of 5 machine hand, be in charge of each item such as instructor, operation, service. Personnel of controller of manger department of this project project and construction is mirrorred, level of machine hand technology tall, attitude of attending to guests is good, couplet is worth to trust in.
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