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Stainless steel water pump- - of industry of Chinese water pump get army pioneer
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Chinese stainless steel is special the stainless steel that Li Cheng of steel association director analyses China so consumes the market. From consumption the state looks, at present apparent consumption of China has achieved world top level to be close to the 1/4 of global total consumption, consumption of stainless steel of average per capita achieves 3.4KG, jump occupy developing country front row. But consumption growth rate puts delay gradually, by consumption year all increase rate the freeboard of 30% above fast development phase, change is at present increase rate is of 6.43% develop level steadily. Stainless steel itself provides some is able to bear or endure because of its corrode, heat-resisting, the character such as wear-resisting, in the sources of energy that our country key develops, petrifaction, electric power, in waiting for a domain, mining gets applied extensively.

Additional the long life as a result of stainless steel, high strenth, light wait for excellent feature, in recent years stainless steel is used at shipbuilding, in waiting for carrying trade, orbit car gets rapid development. As the development of mechanical manufacturing industry, stainless steel course of study will have wide applied perspective.

In recent years, the field of stainless steel sortie is increasingly extensive, be in among them the demand in establishment of industry of water industry, building and structural industry, environmental protection, industry also rises year after year. In water industry industry, water is in its store the problem that pollution suffers in carry process already took seriously increasingly for people. Carry out a proof in great quantities, the preparation that stainless steel is water, keep in storage, carry, purify, the water industry such as desalt of second birth, seawater is optimal select material. Its advantage is: Anti-corrosive, fight water of earthquake, section, sanitation (without the ferruginous green that reach copper) , weight is light (reduce 1/3) , little maintenance, life grows (can use 40 years) , life cycle cost (LCC) low, belong to can reclaim the green environmental protection of recycle. According to introducing, current, conduit stainless steel changes Japanese Tokyo area to already amounted to 76 % , conduit slack rate falls by original 14.7 % to current 7.5 % . Japanese Osaka suffers earth shake after, stainless steel store water jar is in good condition nondestructive. Recently, japanese development goes moire pipe fittings, the construction cost that makes stainless steel loses conduit way reduces 20 % , totle drilling cost reduces 3 % , maintenance cost reduces 3/4.

Stainless steelTechnologyIn water industry domain had gotten confirming in outstanding action.

In recent years, stainless steelWater pumpappear, a few problems that appear for the use process of water pump put forward in time to understand definitely method. Make water pump photograph compare with traditional iron, stainless steel
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