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Technical observation: The development of technology of Chinese water pump and l
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Technical observation: The development of technology of Chinese water pump and look into

One, water pump creates company general situation

Manufacturing power plant (include nuclear report) , the has hi-tech content pump state-owend enterprise that the branch such as metallurgy, petrifaction uses (factory of build and repair of electric power of water pump of Changsha of report of the pump that be like Shenyang, stone pump, Hunan, Shanghai) maintain live, ITT, KSB, stubble wait for world-renowned pump business formerly (as above pump - Gu Erci of KSB, ITT Nanjing, Jialite - stubble pump of former, rich - crop is former, big be able to bear or endure - Su Ershou (gram of sea close ladder, Liwahebaite, company of civilian battalion pump grows quickly. Domestic pump business makes an appointment with 1000 now, take world pump company 10000 1/10; Domestic pump production value made an appointment with 22 billion RMB 2004, hold world pump production value about the 1/10 of 27 billion dollar, 22% what production value of 10 big pump company hold world pump total production value about, 22% what the production value of 10 big pump businesses of our country also holds countrywide pump production value about.

The world formed company of 10 big pump by sale value 2004 (bring from Shenyang pump place 2005 Shanghai guild data) :

1, American ITT (1.701 billion dollar) ; 2, American FLOWSERVE (1.03 billion dollar) ; 3, Danish Ge Lanfu (1.01 billion dollar) ; 4, Japan weaks former (1 billion dollar) ; 5, German KSB (900 million dollar) ; 6, Swiss Su Ershou (683 million dollar) ; 7, British power Er (584 million dollar) ; 8, German power is happy (584 million dollar) ; 9, American IDEX (427 million dollar) ; 10, American PENTAIR (400 million dollar)

Business of before home was arranged by sale value 2004 10 big pump (because count is not complete, the likelihood has by accident, offer reference only) : Group of trade of pump of Shanghai triumphant spring; Factory of Shenyang water pump limited company; Shanghai becomes pump line of business repeatedly limited company; Line of business of Shanghai Oriental pump limited company; Shanghai KSB; Factory of build and repair of Shanghai electric power limited company; Be able to bear or endure greatly pump line of business limited company; Shijiazhuang pump line of business limited company; Factory of water pump of Hunan report Changsha limited company; Limited company of rich pump science and technology.

Domestic pump production value year increase rate 10.5% , it is 1.5 times of national economy increase rate about, it is world pump year increase rate 2.5 times of 4.3% . The development as industry of building, electric power, steely, petrifaction, environmental protection and the addition that export pump product to the third world, the situation of this kind of rapid growth will maintain a few years.
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