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World nucleus report grows significantly with pump market
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The depth of quality of pump industry product second development, come nearly 5 years pump travel owner wants pump manufacturer to take product quality seriously more and more. The pump business that carries out globalization to develop the strategy on one hand is in take brand quality seriously while, pay attention to pump more kind the immanent quality of the product and explicit quality. The most pump business that gives priority to with home market on the other hand realises the stand or fall of product quality affects the success or failure of the market directly adequately also, realised the stand or fall of product quality, the market is best judgment. Ought to see however, in market of Chinese pump estate flourishing development is mixed competition is intense with each passing day today, pump industry production business measures to producing quality take seriously and know a level to should rise to a new arrangement.

① establishs quality to be in position of economic developing strategy, arouse the quality awareness of entire industry truly, quicken quality work pace, solve quality problem as soon as possible, improve quality of pump industry product in the world competitive ability.

The improvement of ② quality and rise should be criterion with the client's demand, it is with the feeling of the user terminative.

The concept of ③ quality is mirrorred on the product not just, and in each activity that is reflected in the company even, care product quality not just, and care label of advertisement quality, service quality, product even, the quality such as deliver goods and after service.

World nucleus report grows significantly with pump market. Suffer oil and whirlwind of natural gas price to rise the influence with exhaust emission pressure as the world in recent years, nuclear energy more and more show its allure, accordingly in last few years nuclear report grows significantly with the demand of pump. International Energy Agency put forward to initiate a few days ago, government of hope each country assists the construction that urges new nuclear power plant, supply in order to protect the sources of energy, avoid environmental disaster. At present basically 3 countries plan to enlarge construction of nuclear power plant: China plans to build 60 or so nuclear reactor; India plans build 30 nuclear reactor; Russia criterion for managing the home of its precious oil and natural gas resource is used up and use its at exit, planning to build 31 nuclear reactor. Europe and United States also are in itch to try, the Europe of joint development presses Finland and heart of usage of French preparation benefit water reactor will build current the most advanced nuclear power plant; Baltic the Three Kingdoms decides collaboration builds new nuclear power plant in all; American government preparation enlarges output of its nucleus report 1/3. Because report of nucleus of the world inside 10 years uses this future,the market demand of pump will present the trend of apparent growth.
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