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Analytic our country is anti-corrosive pump develops the dilemma that face at pr
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Anti-corrosive pump is the pump that industrial production uses relatively extensively kind product. Basically use Yu Shi to be spun oily, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, chemical fibber, electric power, metallurgy, papermaking, mine, gently, each domains of the national economy such as refine sugar, food and environmental protection, as the constant change of market demand structure, replace a gender the chemical industry with high content of strong, technology is anti-corrosive the demand of pump increases somewhat, increase market need of change increasingly to suit, our country is anti-corrosive pump production manufacturer has structural adjustment in time, satisfied market demand constrainedly. But because pump of indigenous chemical industry is in stability of moving dependability, batch, fight corrupt to be able to bear or endure the respect presence such as content of corrupt function, technology is constant problem, the chemical pump that all has 80 million dollar every year is introduced from abroad, and show ascendant trend of year after year. For this, we must face industry of our country pump on one hand be on short commons, order goods insufficient, economy of short of dimensions, what import on the other hand is anti-corrosive pump batch is occupational the grim reality of home market, should seek a feasible way that settles this contradiction actively.

According to not complete count, the pump that the whole nation takes shape kind product manufacturer already amounted to 628, if increase last put oneself in another's position,privately owned is mixed other the small mill that has not form dimensions, countrywide water pump makes a manufacturer amount to more than 3500. The requirement of the economy of dimensions of mill business short of that industry of our country water pump has 85% , what they stay in only station, small lot, manufacture in a rough way merely is low-level go up. Market competition of future is collectivize, dimensions is changed necessarily, the competition of hi-tech content, civilian the color television in things industry and air conditioning market are wonderful paradigmatic. According to statistic of customs total office, our country pump imports a quantity to be market quantity of total demand 16% the left and right sides, among them 85% for anti-corrosive pump. Show according to data of national statistic bureau, our country chemical industry is anti-corrosive pump market size is controlled for 4.5 billion yuan, occupy? ? ? Wan of Du of Meng humorous ∽ ? 0% ; Demand is anti-corrosive pump gross is 300 thousand about, those who occupy market gross 7% the left and right sides. Current, our country is anti-corrosive the production of pump is managed pump is connected in 65% control concentration to be in assist in 160 members company, but the requirement of economy of short of dimensions, the production company that has actual strength relatively among them is only Dalian is acid-proof factory of alkaline pump of factory of pump of industry of factory of water pump of company of estate of pump of factory of factory of pump factory, Shijiazhuang water pump, Shenyang water pump, Shanghai KSB, Chongqing, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Hubei factory of 525 war industry, Jing Jiang pump valve.
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