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Batholith of concrete pump car imports a brand to get the account of favour
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Our country begins to introduce Japanese technology to undertake the batch of concrete pump car is produced from 1982, through the development of 20 one's remaining years, although the design water of car of domestic concrete pump is at present gentle,engineering capability had very big rise. But in pump car the most important 3 large parts- - in chassis, pump and jib, domestic client or manufacturer or more apt introduces entrance product. When choosing pump car batholith especially, more special favour imports a product.

User and pump car make the double choice of the enterprise

When the user is choosing pump car batholith, except the price, still can consider 4 main factors: It is a brand above all. Building domain competition is intense, the business contest mark that user of most pump car can think the car of well-known trademark meets them brings an advantage; The dependability of the 2nd car. Because the working strength of pump car is greater, very tall to the durable sex of chassis and serviceability rate requirement, once appear because of chassis breakdown, what what bring is upkeep costs not just, the economic gains of the user also can be affected badly; The 3rd it is after service. The use environment with pump special vehicle is very tall to the requirement of after service, the construction contract that after service can decide whether in time to the user contracts to do a job even whether finish smoothly. And the panoramic and mechanical limited company that rent is opposite Beijing century this are to have experience greatly. One of companies of project of Olympic Games bird's nest that regard a country as one of projects, subordinate project pump car is concerning not just the fame of the enterprise, return bear to wear the earnest mission that national project builds smoothly. This hour, the “ station ” with the brave truck of 6 Wo Erwo that the company purchases come out. Twice spot monitoring all held to morrow before dawn at 2 o'clock, and the after service branch of Wo Erwo lorry also is minute of expect that the second follows closely in construction site. This kind of operating conditions that is in charge of seriously is spent, the working quality of efficient stability won the high admiration of group of project of Olympic Games project, also got the height of engineering command post is approbated. The 4th it is fuel economy. Rise ceaselessly in fuel price today, pump car oily bad news also is a factor that the client must consider. The discretion of oily bad news also can is opposite the sale of car brings certain influence.

And to pump car production company, also facing the choice problem of chassis likewise. As the development of the market, pump car creates the climate that shows diversity, jib length is longer and longer, bear the weight of the amount is larger and larger also, it is so when batholith of form a complete set of make choice of, pump car makes an enterprise also raise a few requirements accordingly: The first, engine power output and jacket design requirement match a gender. The engine power that the outlet pressure that pump car makes up the architect wants to make up according to the design, torque asks make choice of is appropriate. If both does not match, drop in real work with respect to car of meeting occurrence pump fast wait for a problem; The 2nd, according to different design weight, different jib length, the choice changes outfit batholith correctly. Pump car is designed not only the security when wanting to consider its to make up working operating mode considers its transport travelling even, the requirement that wants the distributinging state according to load and national laws and regulations so chooses the chassis form that match. Be like: Normally the arm grows to choose 2 axes batholith in the pump car under 27m, the arm grows to choose 3 axes batholith in the pump car of 27m ~ 37m, the arm grows to choose 4 axes batholith in the pump car of 42m ~ 47m, the arm grows 52m above to need to choose 5 axes or 6 axes batholith; The 3rd, change his costume or dress according to what chassis manufacturer offers instructor is carried out change his costume or dress truckloadly the job. For example, wo Erwo (VOLVO) truck company can be each changing one's costume or dress the enterprise is offerred change one's costume or dress instructor (CD CD) the website that has major works to change one's costume or dress provide support. Engineer of support of Wo Erwo jacket changes his costume or dress for pump car offer a technology to support, can assist change one's costume or dress the enterprise is made change his costume or dress suitably plan.
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