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Analytic our country is anti-corrosive pump develops the dilemma that face at pr
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And some enterprises implement share-holding system, establish group company, enlarge of enterprise of annex jointly owned is large-scale, personnel increases, brought about the high investment of asset and labour force, but at the same time, their just ignored technical progress!

The chemical pump of our country is concentrated production enterprise, have not form real brand dominant position, do not have powerful market force, via living the wind of the market blows rain to hit. Present market competes, it is the competition of brand, quality, price, service and credit actually. With international company of estate of well-known trademark pump cooperates, introduce their advanced technique and administrative pattern, combinative China is actual, adjust product structure quickly, development is practical content of strong, technology performance of the tall, wear-resisting that fight corrupt is good, move reach sealed function reliable safety is efficient be able to bear or endure corrupt labour pump, economy of batch scale of production, use contemporary sale strategy, crucial to developing home market steadily, at the same time we develop chemical industry to use a of pump extremely feasible development outlet.

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