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Arisen abroad manufacturer is about to slip into market of Chinese water treatme
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As the bitter fleabane of industry of domestic environmental protection suddenly develops, business of equipment of water treatment of a few abroad faces south to this industry from beginning to end eye covetously.

“ we are a few afraider internationally rig business may be applied to world bank pressure, participate in project of industry of domestic environmental protection directly. What ” does not wish to divulge the state-owend enterprise controller of the full name expressed him is anxious.

To this, the Shanghai city of project of project of infrastructure of a lot of city building drops responsible Shanghai area Zhou Daogong of controller of head office news expresses, at present project of project of large water treatment all used internationalization action to bid, this also means “ , numerous the abroad that has new and high technology imports equipment business general and the domestic equipment business that own traditional and mature technology compete fairly ” .

China of equipment business surround

Disclose according to association of industry of Shanghai environmental protection, environmental protection enterprise of home began to realize the tremendous potential of market of estate of domestic environmental protection 2000, participate in stage by stage come in, the supply of breed of the equipment standard of sewage disposal equipment, product, market and join waited to have very big improve.

Meanwhile, enterprise of a lot of abroad also enters Chinese market in succession. Enterprise of a lot of abroad is passed build wholy-owned subsidiary, joint-stock wait for means, the curve enters home market; And the kind that domestic company carries transfer of technology mostly, form a tradition and mature technology contends to it.

The reporter learns from sewage treatment plant of harbor of sewage treatment plant of Shanghai bamboo garden, white dragon, shanghai Kaishibi the curve that limited company is a model enters pump the Chinese-foreign joint venture of market of processing of Chinese water pollution. The pump a powerful person that this company be subordinate to belongs the world to precede and group of ——KSB of manufacturer of relevant system equipment, this group year sale gross income is as high as above of 1.6 billion euro, business domain basically includes to build department of service, industry and career of public water supply, energy and mining.

The reporter understands from KSB company, KSB entered China 1994, with Shanghai electric group established joint-stock company. Enter China more than 10 years to come, KSB has had many 900 4 branches, employee and throughout the country in China site of 30 many services and acting orgnaization. These service sites and acting orgnaization distributing in China north, Hua Dong, western the urban process such as the area turns relatively fast city and area.
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