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Car of concrete pump of homebred arm posture develops shallow analyse general tr
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Of car of concrete pump of posture of our country arm start begin at 20 centuries 80 time are prime, basically be to introduce loose mail to assemble at first, perhaps combine means to introduce technical production and partial part to introduce the manufacturing mode that is united in wedlock through ability trade.

50 time our country has produced 20 centuries mechanical concrete pump, because the technical level at that time is very low, production lot is very few, in 20 centuries at the beginning of 80 time, of car of homebred concrete pump always retain the quantity still is not worth 200, car of brachial posture concrete pump is a blank more. During this, a few large concrete of our country are irrigated build a project, rely on entrance equipment basically greatly.

From 20 centuries begin at the beginning of 80 time, through the effort of 20 one's remaining years, car of concrete pump of posture of our country arm obtained great progress, design level, engineering capability had very big rise. According to statistic, at present our country concrete carries pump manufacturer to already amounted to many 100, distributing at countrywide each district. But wait as a result of the technical level of each manufacturer, craft that make, productivity uneven, product difference is bigger also. The company with domestic the at present strongest productivity is with 31 heavy industry, medium machine of the heavy-duty Tian Chong that reach blessing is couplet heavy division, Xuzhou the first echelon formation of the representing, with Liaoning Hai Nuo, Hubei builds grand of Shanghai of Ma He of star of machine, Anhui to get the enterprise such as benefit to give priority to in the 2nd echelon formation, their crop occupied the 90 % above of entire industry.

Car of concrete pump of posture of our country arm had rapid development in recent years, in the stability of the product and craft respect, although return the product that is inferior to abroad, but the product that compares 20 centuries had great progress. In the gender the product of the respect our country such as valence comparing, after service has clear competitive advantage, and more the actual construction case that accords with home.

Among them, couplet weighs division, 31 heavy industry to go in front of the person of the same trade's in the respect of research and development of car of brachial posture concrete pump in. Couplet weighed division formulate in " concrete pump car " standard, return research and development pump car is safeguarded remotely with location system. The concrete pump car of 31 heavy industry, no matter pressure, pump sends to send a platoon the volume in pump, still wait for a respect in stability, dependability, can rival with photograph of product of foreign well-known brand, its pump sends mechanical series the product already sell like hot cakes reachs South Asia and other places to middle east, North Africa.
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