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Sewage pump - we make the world more beautiful
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Sewage pump----We make the world more beautiful

Water is a when economy grows and the society can develop continuously main factor. Enlarge the addition with population of dimensions ceaselessly as the city, water environment pollution became one catastrophe to inscribe.

” of “ environmental protection is the basic national policy of our country. Current, our country is in the great progress period of career of urban sewage disposal, especially as the country western develop the strategy greatly carry out, environment of ministry of Chinese Chinese and Western and zoology protection already were carried first the order of the day. City life sewage disposal since the Industrial Revolution 200 years ago, more and more get the attention of people.

Sewage disposal of our country city is opposite at foreign developed country, start later, at present rate of urban sewage disposal has 6.7% only. While we cause foreign advanced technique, equipment and experience energetically, must link our country development, especially local actual condition, exploration suits system of our country's effective urban sewage disposal.

We recommend the important equipment in process of a few kinds of sewage disposal to everybody today- - sewage pump.

Had sewage pump, our world will be more beautiful.

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