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American WANNER membrane pump
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The United StatesWANNERMembrane pump
This pump can fall in high-pressured force, move send the liquid that contains solid grain, the quantity that contain solid can amount to 50% , apply at high-pressured sparge the dry equipment that build bead, deep aperture drilling machine, the deep aperture such as machining center adds the high-pressured cooling fluid of labour, contain the device of high-pressured water efflux of abrasive, briny desalt, exceed pure water to make the pressurization of reverse osmosis film that takes facility send water, sizy, stick receive agent, stiff oil, the tall viscosity liquid such as oar makings moves send;
Hydra-Cell series feature:
High-pressured force can be adjusted, high pressure carries the stock that contains solid grain, low pulsatile, operate easily, safeguard handy - wear away have diaphragm and a powerful person only piece, need not tear open head issueing pump to be able to undertake changing. Pressure: 1-170kgf/cm2, discharge: 1-70l/min; Series of D series H is carried contain solid grain liquid to be exhibited greatly its power, the conclusive choice of high-pressured pump.
Force of ◆ high pressure (70~172 kilogram) , efficient, low power consumption (tall efficiency is changed)
◆ is applied to carry contain solid grain size
Oily room and pump room are separated by diaphragm, actuating device and size do not have a contact, OK and long-term efficient stability runs
◆ is low pulsatile, low noise
Construction of much force plunger realizes high speed movement, control is pulsatile maintain low noise
◆ Yi Cao makes Yi Wei protect
Mechanical drive ministry runs for a long time without breakdown, fragile change easily and safeguard
- high-pressured sparge makes a dryer: Apply to pink of dye, painty, porcelain, chemical fertilizer, washing powder, milk powder, powder to wait make take
- high pressure flushs device: Accurate treatment spare parts, printed circuit board, cabin and manufacturing site
- high pressure moves send: Cutting fluid, agglutinant liquid, reclaim makings of water, caustic liquid, abrade oar
Body of American WANNER a powerful person and a powerful person piece reach pump of of all kinds industry of American WANNER company, the welcome hangs down ask, I manage will mix with the quickest speed, optimal value, strong technology after service, provide excellent service for you!
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