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Carry on promotes urban blowdown to be in charge of net general open up the 3rd
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Carry on promotes urban blowdown to be in charge of net general open up the 3rd passageway After building, can perfect blowdown to collect a network, alleviate artery blowdown pressure

Report brewed channel of xinhua net Zhejiang on April 22 project of the 3rd passageway enters long already urban district blowdown materiality starts level. The reporter promotes know of group of town water Wu from carry on yesterday, city hair changes appoint just give an official reports through the project approving of this project, include its build a plan this year.

Because urban sewage fastens all saturation, carry on promotes city union to jump over state new city to develop the need of construction, started urban blowdown project of the 3rd passageway. It is reported, this project will join project of “ clear water

Discharge decided project schedule according to group of town water Wu, this year May, will finish blowdown the initial design of project of the 3rd passageway, start working was built November, to December 2009 portion cop builds a project comprehensive complete. At the appointed time, this project collects blowdown of city of farther perfect our city the network, alleviate the urban district east line and sewage first phase, 2 period the blowdown pressure of mainstay line, enhance the security of urban blowdown system, cogent improvement environment of water of urban a network of waterways, quicken a city to change a course.

Origin: Carry on starts journal writer: Yu Mofang

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